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Charlie's Lunch Update

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Two of Our Kids in Charlie's Lunch
$100,000! That is the total amount of money that Initial Outfitters has raised for Charlie’s Lunch in just a little over 2 years! That represents over 120,000 lunches plus kitchens and lunchrooms that have been equipped! We have sold over 11,000 Charlie’s Lunchboxes during that time”¦ that makes our Charlie’s Lunchboxes our #1 product! This was one of our big announcements at conference in August!
We are thrilled with our success to date, and are very excited about what is to come. We have 2 of our 8 lunchrooms fully funded for 2011, and need to sell an additional 3432 lunchboxes to meet our commitment for 2011. We can do it!

Quick Facts”¦

  • One lunchbox sponsors a child for about a month.
  • It takes 15 lunchboxes to sponsor a child for a year.
  • It takes 858 lunchboxes to fund a lunchroom for a year.
  • It takes 1215 lunchboxes to open a brand new lunchroom.

A Whole Group of Kids and Workers that Make Up A Lunchroom
It starts with giving lunch to a hungry child, and changes lives for eternity! Please continue to pray for this ministry, for our kids, and our volunteers. It is not easy to keep these lunchrooms going, but they do it with huge smiles on their faces, and arms wide open to give hugs all around!
Did you know”¦just from rounding up totals and selling groups of lunches, we funded more than 1 entire lunchroom for a year? That’s over 60 children who are being fed, for a year, because thousands of people chose to round up their totals. Those pennies that seem so insignificant become very significant when totaled together!

Thank you for your support in helping to make this possible!

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