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Charlie's Christmas Flyer

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When you sponsor one of our Charlie’s Lunch children for only $20, this is what you are providing:
· A wrapped, age-appropriate gift (like a doll, a truck, stuffed toy, etc.)
· The opportunity to participate in a Christmas program
· An invitation to the Christmas program and dinner for the entire family
· A box of staples needed to prepare Christmas dinner at home!
If you are wondering “œWhat is Charlie’s Christmas?,” well”¦it is a wonderful event! Each year in our lunchrooms, all of the children, along with their families, are invited to a special Christmas celebration at the church that runs each lunchroom. Not only is there a fabulous Christmas dinner served, but there is also a special Christmas program presented ““ often by the children in our lunchrooms. Each child ““ brothers and sisters included ““ receives a wrapped Christmas gift. For many, this is the only gift they receive. In addition, each family takes home a box of the staples needed to make their own Christmas dinner. With a donation of only $20 per child, all of this is made possible!
The gifts for the children are things that every little girl and boy love ““ dolls, cars and trucks, sports balls, etc. Things that our children have multiples of, yet these children dream of having. When the children receive these gifts, it is a moment of sheer joy!
Our goal is 750 sponsorships, because that is the number of children in the Initial Outfitters sponsored lunchrooms. But the need is far greater than that! Over 2000 children are fed by Charlie’s Lunch, 3 days a week, every week of the year. It is an amazing ministry providing nutrition, love, and hope through God’s Word to these kids.
Let’s make this a Christmas to remember ““ for our Charlie’s Lunch kids, and for those you honor with a sponsorship in their name. Every penny will go to Charlie’s Christmas! Help us Make a Difference!
When you do, we have a special treat for you! For each child that you sponsor, you can select one of the great items on the attached flyer for only $10! Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s a birthday gift you need later, or maybe it’s the Christmas gift that goes along with the sponsorship of a child”¦however you use it, it certainly is a cheerful way for us to say thank you! (Of course, you are not required to make this purchase with a sponsorship! But it is a perk that you can take advantage of ““ one item with each child sponsored! Sponsor 10 children, get 10 great pieces for only $10 each! No limits!)
Check out the flyer for more details!

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