Some People are Worth Splurging For: Gifts she'll adore!

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a. JN0208 Sterling Silver Braided Necklace $450
JN0764 14k Gold Plated Rope Necklace $199
    JB0085 Sterling Silver Braided Bracelet $259
JB0685 14k Gold Plated Rope Bracelet $99

b. JP0503 Vintage Gold Embossed Celtic Cross Pendant $26 on
JN0756 Vintage Gold Large Chain Charm Necklace $34
      JN0757 Vintage Gold Link Chain with Pearl Accent Necklace $54
      JN0755 Can’t Resist! Multi Chain Necklace $49
      JB0699 Vintage Gold Cross Bracelet $42
      JB0700 Vintage Gold Chain Bracelet with Pearl $34
    JB0701 Vintage Gold Large Rolo Link Charm Bracelet $59
      JR0042 Vintage Gold Round Rimmed Ring $24
      JE0698 Vintage Gold Double Scroll Earrings $20

c. JB0035 Sterling Silver Oval Mother’s Bracelet $179
d. JP0495 Rustic Fancy Frame Barrel pendant $28 on
JN0395-(specify length) Aged Brown Link Chain $12-$20
      JP0437 Vintage Silver Round Charm Pendant $14
      JC0071 Silhouette Oval Silvertone Charm $25
JC0126-02 Light Amethyst Large Crystal Accent $14

e. Good to Go Nylon Bag Collection:
EH0134-0100 Black Weekender Bag $49
EH0135-0100 Black Handbag $36
      EH0136-0100 Black Clutch/Cosmetic Bag $24

f. JP0408 Ironworks Four Corners Pendant $24 on
JN0395-(specify length) Aged Brown Link Chain $12-$20
    JC0007-12 December Birthstone Charm $7
JC0007-02 February Birthstone Charm $7
JC0121 Written from the Heart Small Round Antiqued Charm $22
JC0071 Silhouette Oval Silvertone Charm $25
JC0127 Vintage Gold Cross Charm $12

g. JP0535 14k Gold Plated Round Braided Pendant $34 on
JN0766-(specify length) 14k Gold Filled Thin Chain $34-$36
      JP0487 Silver Plated Braided Pendant $24 on
    JN0057-(specify length) Sterling Silver Snake Chain $27-$30
    JB0714 Silver Plated Round Braided Link Bracelet $59
      JB0687 14k Gold Plated Round Braided Link Bracelet $69
JE0703 14k Gold Plated Round Braided Earrings $34
      JE0704 Silver Plated Round Braided Earrings $28

h. EH0123-(specify pattern) Insulated Shop Around Market Tote $39
-0200 Black/White Dandelion     -0100 Coral Poppy
EH0124-(specify pattern) Insulated Made with Love Casserole Carrier $39
-0200 Black/White Dandelion       -0100 Aqua Grecian

i. JP0518 Vintage Silver Ornate Cross $24 on
JN0608-(specify length) Vintage Silver Aged Link Chain $14-$22
    JC0102-(specify letter) Antique Goldtone Victorian Initial Charm $16
    JC0118 Lily Charm (double sided) $20
    JC0125 Written from the Heart Oval Antiqued Charm $25
JC0126-06 Black Large Crystal Accent $14

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