DIY Wreath

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Hello! This is Holly Jones in catalog and product development at the home office. I was asked to create a wreath to showcase our football wooden cutout, which is perfect for showing team spirt for your favorite high school or college football team!

Some of my earliest memories of my childhood are of my mother decorating our home for every holiday. Everything from the front door, the foyer, and the kitchen table in our home reflected the season.

Hollys home

While I only wish I had picked up on her incredible talent, the reality is just the thought of doing this tutorial on making a wreath made me anxious and overwhelmed. It seems so silly now that I have completed my wreath and worked out all the kinks. Yes, there were 3 trips to Hobby Lobby involved in this learning experience, but I’m going to share all that I learned so you only have to make one trip!

Supplies needed:
Wreath form, pipe cleaners, deco mesh Ribbon 21×30 feet, deco mesh ribbon 5 ½ x 30 feet, wire cutters, scissors, ribbon for bow, and spray paint


Step one:
While you can use a wire hanger, I recommend purchasing a wire form for under $5 at a local craft store. Cut pipe cleaners in half with wire cutters and attach to form. I added one in between what is shown in this picture for a fuller wreath.

Step one

Step two:
Your ribbon needs to be wide and have structure to hold its shape. Secure the wide mesh ribbon to the first pipe cleaner, measure out 12″ and attach to the next pipe cleaner.
(I found pipe cleaners cut my time in half verses using floral wire). Continue until your wreath is full.

Step two

Step 3:
Secure the narrow mesh ribbon at any point on the wreath and simply weave in and out all the way around the wreath. The mesh ribbon holds it in place due to the rough edges”¦LOVE THAT!!!

Step three

Step 4:
Attach bow and football separately with a full length pipe cleaner. I attached the football through the laces so it isn’t noticeable.

Step four

Your wreath is complete! Time to hang it on your door, step back and admire your work as you show off your team spirit! And if you’re like me, you will find yourself dreaming up your next craft project for fall.

Final wreath

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