Valentine's Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate relationships and family, and usually involves a gift of some kind. Memories of decorating paper bags at school followed by carefully selecting Valentine cards and attaching candy to pass out to friends is engrained in our memories. There was time and thought put into making sure the day was special. Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we should lose the personal aspect of gift giving. In fact, there are personalized gifts such as jewelry and bags that last longer than that piece of candy and used more than the decorated paper bag. From little girls and teenagers to moms and grandmoms, there is something for everyone in your life, as featured in the gift guide below. Give her a gift engraved with a special date, coordinates to a special place or her initials and it will show her time and thought was put into her gift this year. Remember, when you make it personal, you make it meaningful.

Gifts under 30
Personal, not pricy
Spunky, patterned bracelets
Clutch or cosmetic
Personalized bracelet
Cosmetic bag
Little girls bracelets
Gifts under 70
Isabella and Eleanor
Go-to necklace
Beautiful statements
Addison Bag
Sterling necklaces
Lauryn sling
Gifts under 100
Sterling Staples
Generation necklaces
Treasured heirlooms
Travel in style

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