Get to know Kathy, a former working mom from Woodlawn, TN

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Kathy Q&A

What is your occupation outside of Initial Outfitters?

I am so excited to say as of September 2015, IO is my job!! I formally worked for the Federal Government and juggled both jobs for 3 years before being able to quit and focus solely on IO. As a Family Readiness Support Assistant for the U.S. Army, my job was rewarding yet predictable and lacked a challenge.

What was the first exciting thing that you did with your IO money?
Christmas 2012 was the first time that I did not use credit cards to purchase gifts. It felt amazing to have a debt-free Christmas and we have continued to do so ever since!

What is the most significant thing you have done, or are planning to do, with your IO money?
Besides paying off two credit cards, the most significant was taking my entire family of 12 to Disney courtesy of IO”¦PRETTY AMAZING! Oh, did I mention I was able to quit my government job???? Thought so 😉

What do you “get” personally from Initial Outfitters that you don’t “get” from your other occupation?
I “œget” to make my day and my job how I want it to be instead of someone else dictating my agenda. The feeling of satisfaction and excitement when someone succeeds, are overjoyed with their rewards, or simply just excited about their purchase gives me more joy than I can even explain.

How do you feel that you are able to make a difference with your IO business?
I am providing an opportunity that allows moms to stay home with their children, hostesses a means to earn tons of rewards for little to no cost, and meals for our Charlie’s Lunchroom children who might not otherwise have nourishment and ministry in their lives. I have also made a difference for my family by paying off bills, providing vacations and having my daughter join my team.


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