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It’s DIY time, and with some new wooden monogram designs here at IO, our team decided to get crafty. One of our new designs includes a family name and initial combo that would look perfect on a wreath. There are so many themes when it comes to wreath making so don’t dwell too long on the design. For this DIY, flower pots were selected as the main theme and the décor of the wooden monogram followed. A crafters dream spray adhesive was discovered at Hobby Lobby that will adhere scrapbook paper to wood. With this design, use a natural or light stain and apply sparingly. This will allow the etched name to be seen on your wreath.

Materials used: Vine wreath, moss, artificial leaf vine, 3 mini flower pots, 3 stems of artificial flowers, floral wire, glue gun, spray adhesive, scrapbook paper (2 sheets), x-acto knife, cutting board, and wood stain.

Start with the vine wreath. First, glue the moss and leaves to the wreath. Next, wire the pots to the wreath and fill them with moss and flowers.

spring wreath 1
spring wreath 2
spring wreath 3
spring wreath 4

Cut scrapbook paper to fit the area inside the wooden square (you do not want glue to contact the wood that will be stained). Spray the adhesive all over the back of the printed paper and immediately press onto the cut-out letter, one section at a time. Smooth over the letter surface with fingers to secure the glue to the wood and allow to dry a few minutes.

spring wreath 5
spring wreath 6
spring wreath 7
spring wreath 8

Flip the wooden monogram to the back side on the cutting board and use the X-acto knife to cut off excess paper around the single initial. Once done, stain unfinished wood with a thick paper towel or rag.

spring wreath 9

Attach the wooden monogram to the vine wreath with floral wire. Your DIY is finished and ready to hang for your guests and family members to admire!

spring wreath 10

With creative juices flowing, two more wooden cutouts were painted, stained, sanded and attached to wreaths. Pictured on the left, a vine wreath simply decorated with dried flowers and leaves wired on. Pictured on the right, a foam form covered with moss and all decorations secured with floral pins only! Super easy!

more spring wreaths

Inspiration can be found in our DIY board and images below. IO has so many adorable wooden monograms to choose from , the finished product is up to you!


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