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Get to know Ashley, a teacher from Oxford, AL!

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What is your occupation outside of Initial Outfitters?

Elementary Teacher

What was the first thing that you purchased with your IO money?

I purchased a flat screen TV for my husband! It made me feel WONDERFUL to do something special for him because he works so hard for our family. He had been asking for that TV for years, and we finally had enough money saved up to purchase one.

What is the most significant thing you plan to do with your IO money?

I am planning on saving every cent of our IO money so that I can contribute to a down payment towards a new house! It will make me feel amazing to be not just be able to say “I had a part in buying this,” but to also know that I had a “why” that was powerful enough to make me not stop until it was completed.

Friends and Family

What does Initial Outfitters give you on a personal level that you don’t receive from your occupation?

Initial Outfitters has provided a way for me to share my faith in Jesus with others, which I don’t always have at my teaching job. Every time I share my “œWHY” bag, I share about Jesus “” that He has called me to give to those who are in need.

How do you feel that you are able to make a difference with your IO business?

By sharing IO opportunities with others and helping others achieve goals for themselves.
Sharing with others how the Lord has blessed me with extra money, new friends, and opportunities to talk about Jesus.
Giving to the Charlie’s Lunch Ministry, and encouraging others to give also.
Making people smile by hosting fun parties.

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