“œEvery day I am thankful that God allowed me to be a mom.   I often find myself thinking that the profound love that we have for our children is only a glimpse into the way that He loves us, and that is an amazing thing to consider!   My prayer is that my kids feel and accept that love, and understand how incredibly special and blessed they (and we) are.   More than anything, that is what I want them to grow up and leave home with – God’s love, and a family.” ““ Alicia

“œMy mother constantly told me she prayed that I would have a daughter just like me one day. Well, her prayers were answered. Now I’m faced with the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve even known. There are days she tries my patience with her stubborn, sassy attitude. Then there are days she blows me away with her kind heart, gentle spirit, and her determination to succeed, and all of the challenging days are forgotten. Then along came Jack. As they were placing him in my arms for the first time, my mother says to me “œOoooo you better enjoy this time because some other girl will be holding him before you know it.” I thought “œReally Mom? You’re going to say that to me right now?!” Nothing in the world compares to his snuggles and hugs. I’m going to keep him little for as long as possible.   He will forever be my baby boy which is probably why I know he would win the Most Spoiled Child in the World award.   The boy has got a strong will and a set of lungs that tests my will.” ““ Beth

“When I was a little girl, I didn’t dream of being a doctor, a lawyer, or even a teacher. No, I dreamed of being a mommy. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I always knew it would be totally and completely worth it. I am so thankful for my Initial Outfitters job and how it allows be to be a stay-at-home-mom without compromising one of my oldest and dearest dreams entitled, Mom.” ““ Jennifer  

“As I work my Initial Outfitters business my children are learning goal-setting, the importance of meaningful communication, short-term pain = long-term gain, and having encouragement matters.   We’re still working on patience!” ““ Susan

“Having an alternative income where I can promote my business through social media, be a walking billboard of my wonderful Initial Outfitters products, and determining when I work, I am able call myself and entrepreneur and be an example to my children and others.” ““ Nanci

“I have taught this verse to my children and they have seen it come true with my IO business time after time. My kids join me as I pray at night asking God to bless my business, provide the hosts, sales and contacts I desire and to use my business share His love. They celebrate with me the success of my hosts, the friendships formed with customers/hosts/consultants and the financial success that has provided for tickets to our first NFL game, car insurance, air conditioners, my van and trips to Disney and Italy.” ““ Amy

“My children are my world! They see the benefits of my Initial Outfitters income and realize their Mommy is also a business person! They help me put labels on order forms, catalogs & help me pack my items for parties! They tell me they are proud of me and that in itself is priceless! IO has given me flexibility & a sense of accomplishment outside of also working at the most wonderful job in the world…being a Mom.” ““ Amanda