It’s time to organize your jewelry, ladies, leaving no excuse to leave the house without accessories!  Last week’s blog showed how jewelry and a colorful handbag can take your look from nice to stunning.  This is easy to do on a day-to-day basis”¦IF”¦ A. You know what you have and B. You know where to find it!  There is no need to have the “œcrafty” gene to pull off this DIY.  This project is simple and will organize drawers of jewelry chaos leaving them cleaned out and ready for more organization projects.

A personalized wooden hanger from Initial Outfitters [GG0067 $16], 5/8″ cup hooks, and a drill with 7/64″ drill bit is all you need to get started.  Starting from the center of the wooden hanger drill holes approximately 1″ apart and twist in cup hooks.  Project complete!