Tis the season of giving, so we wanted to highlight one of our most versatile bags!   The profits from the sale of embroidered lunchboxes fund our IO Loves mission.   This mission has already funded one million lunches for impoverished children in Central America, India, and Africa. With Christmas right around the corner, there is plenty of time to purchase these for everyone on your list!   Our lunchboxes are available in a variety of colors and are the perfect size for so much more than a lunch.   Take a look at some ways this bag has made it to our top seller list!

Being creative is a beautiful talent!  Children and adults will love keeping their favorite art supplies on hand for when inspiration hits them.   Outside pocket is perfect for storing paintbrushes while the inside can hold paint, glue, pipe cleaners”¦.you name it!

If only every day could be dog park day with your best friend!   Make sure you have a bag ready for those special outings!   Water bowl, toys and treats can be kept together for grab and go park days or road trips.   After all, dogs are part of the family too!

The search for Band-Aids is over when you have a First Aid bag around!   Keep those must-have essentials on hand and together for the next scraped knee or poison ivy encounter.   Our red lunchbox with white embroidery works great for this idea.

Tech products are necessities in our lives today, so have a special bag designated for these items.   Keep games, ear buds and chargers close by; after all, they won’t work if they aren’t charged!

Quite the perfect bag for makeup if we might say so ourselves!   Our beauty queens here at IO claim this bag will hold all your make-up essentials and a few extras!   Embroider a phrase that will start your day off with a smile.

Do you find yourself looking for odd things that you should have a place for?   We do!   Why not have a bag that houses batteries, converter plugs, felt pads, extension cords, just to name a few?!  

It is always wise to have a sewing kit handy for those loose buttons and ripped seams.   Our Lunchbox of Love tote is large enough to hold everything you need for quick repairs.   The hardest decision will be which color bag to choose!

We absolutely LOVE this idea because we all get to that “œhangry” stage just before lunch around here!   Personalize your snack bag and fill it with healthy goodies to keep at work or to take on a road trip.

When the little guy comes along, what could be cuter than his own tote with some special bait?   Yes, the worms might be more appropriate than pulling out the gigs and crank baits, but he will think they are awesome!  

An emergency is never expected or planned so be ready with some necessities.   Just some basics to start, like a flashlight, portable air compressor and tire gauge.   These make great gifts for those just starting out driving!