Spring is FINALLY here, which means we’re seeing new fashion trends in the stores & in magazines. Spring 2017 is a season where we take it back to the “old style” and make it new again.
All those things you cleaned out of your closet because you thought it was out of style…well, it’s in style again!  We are bringing back floral patterns, chokers (so 1990s), monotone outfits (blue on blue…on blue), and neckerchiefs. Yes, neckerchiefs are back!  These trends are easy to pull off, no matter your age or comfort level with trying new trends! Anyone can be trendy and look FABULOUS this spring! We’re sharing our our top 5 favorite new trends… let us know what you think!

The Blue Traveler Shawl (ES0107),  The Blue Scarlett Scallop Tote Bag (EH0165-01), Gray She’s a Keeper necklace (JN0836-02), Blue Leave a Little Sparkle necklace (JN0842-01)
Blue is THE color for spring! Hues of blue from head to toe is totally a thing this season. Pair complementary shades and layer it on.   You really can’t have too much blue this spring!

On the Edge choker (JN0847)  Act Natural choker (JN0856-01) and (JN0856-02) Little Black Suede Wrap necklace (JN0851-02)
Chokers were the hot new thing last spring and they are sticking around for spring 2017…. and they’re probably not going anywhere anytime soon! Layer them with long necklaces, wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet, or let it make a statement all on it’s own. New to this season? The wrap necklace. We are totally a fan!

Scarlett Scallop Tote Bag (EH0165-03) Spring Just the Essentials Wristlet/Clutch (EH0166-03)  
Make your outfit POP with a touch (or more!) of yellow. Carry a handbag or a wristlet OR wear a hint of yellow with your favorite accessories to make your outfit stand out! Yellow paired with gold toned jewelry creates a beautiful monotone look.

ES0108-(specify color)  Navy/Red Plaid -01, Blue/Yellow Plaid -02, Pink Mini Polka Dot -03, Spring Green Floral -07
They’re back! Neckerchiefs have managed to make their way back into the modern styles of today! They are going to be everywhere this spring! BONUS- we MONOGRAM ours! There are so many creative ways to style a neckerchief: tied on your neck, on the handle of a bag, worn as a headband,  or on your wrist as a bracelet! You have no excuse not to wear this piece! It seriously works for everyone.

River Walk Natural Stone bracelet (JB0458), Philippians 4:13 cuff (JB0227), Way Out West Turquoise Stone bracelet (JB0437-02), Leather Button cuff (EJ0001-0200)
If you know us, you know we love a good arm party! Once you get the hang of creating the perfect stack (it’s easy, we promise), this will be your favorite part of getting dressed each day! The general rules to creating “the perfect stack” is to layer in threes (or odd numbers)- one monogrammed (personalized) piece, one or two textured pieces, and one piece of bling, of course!