Who hasn’t been impacted by cancer?   Most of us either know someone who has battled it, or have battled it ourselves.   And who would think that a restaurant that sells chicken salad, or a party company that sells monogrammed jewelry and gifts, could impact that fight?   On the surface, that seems like a stretch.   But when you realize that you can use the platform God has given you to make a difference in the world around you”¦the possibilities just open up!
Initial Outfitters’ logo was displayed on the stadium screens during the Music and Miracles Superfest. We are proud to partner with Chicken Salad Chick Foundation to help kick cancer!
That’s exactly what happened on Saturday, April 22 in Auburn, AL!   Tens of thousands of people poured into Jordan Hare Stadium to hear a fabulous lineup of artists.   Every ticket had an Initial Outfitters and Chicken Salad Chick ad on it.   Every ticket benefited cancer research.   Every person in attendance heard the story of how Kevin Brown dreamed of making a difference after receiving his cancer diagnosis.   And we all saw that he used his platform to inspire others to act”¦to make things happen that seemed impossible”¦and to change lives.   It was an amazing night!
We started off the day with the consultants that could make it at the home office for lunch. Of course, catered by Chicken Salad Chick! Our seats were not too bad! Our consultants got to spend time with their spouses, friends, children and even their coworkers at this concert. Not every one can say they get to do that. We had such a great time!
Not only inspiring, but also FUN!   We welcomed several consultants and their families at the home office where we enjoyed a delicious Chicken Salad Chick lunch, of course, followed by tours of facility.   Shortly after that, it was time to wisk our top trip earners Kelly and Missy away to the VIP Event with Alicia and Beth, where they were up close and personal with all of the stars performing that evening.   They joined back up with everyone in the Initial Outfitters block in time to enjoy Kelsea Ballerini, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thomas Rhett with his dad Rhett Akins, and Blake Shelton!   Depending on who you ask, hearing Lynyrd Skynyrd sing Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama was probably the highlight of the night!   Or, if you talk to the teenagers, it was getting a selfie with Thomas Rhett!   Or maybe it was seeing the Initial Outfitters video play between every act while our logo scrolled around the stadium.   All night long we had a blast and made memories!
Founder, Alicia Storbeck, and Co-founder, Beth Reeves, as well as our top earners, Kelly and Missy got to go BACK STAGE to a “meet and greet.” They got to see Blake Shelton and Thomas Rhett up-close and personal while they played a few special songs that were not played at the concert. Exceptional ladies get to do exceptional things! I think our girls had a great time together this weekend, don’t you think? Consultants Kelly and Missy got to go back stage to meet Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett, AND Aubie! (War Eagle!) Looks like Casey and her friend got pretty good seats as well! Ask her how they look up-close! 😉 Consultants  Amy and Kay taking a selfie in their floor seats close to the stage. “Work” is not too bad for them today! 🙂