“œHere’s to strong women.   May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them.”

Alicia and I were raised by strong women who both happen to be named Jane.   These women are no Plain Janes.   Through our eyes they are both Super Woman.   Through our eyes they are perfection.   In Honor of Mother’s day, we would like to dedicate this blog to the two of the best mothers in the world.


Born Jane Elizabeth Ware in the smallest of small towns in Riverview, Alabama, she once told me that her childhood was the best ever.   She was a tom boy from day one playing softball as much as possible for the Riverview Rabbits.   Ask anyone in the local area who the best softball pitcher is and they will say without hesitation Jane Ware. When she wasn’t on the ball field, she was playing on the banks of the Chattahoochee River with her Dad and the other mill village kids.

On March 18, 1982, I made her a mother.   I was born just 4 days after her birthday.   While I was growing up, my birthday always overshadowed hers. Now, it makes for an incredible week of celebrations during March every year.   It wasn’t always easy having me as a daughter, to say the least.   I was your typical teenager.   We’ll leave it at that.   But through my tantrums, mistakes, and disregard for whatever she told me, I received unconditional love and support.     I never doubted that she would always be there for me.

When I think about what made my Mom so great growing up, I think about all of the times when she opened her home to twenty or more kids who wanted to the spend the night at the same time.   I think about Christmas mornings that were made so special by the little extra touches she always made sure was there. She was the cool mom! She even danced at my Senior Prom with one of my best friends.

When I think about what makes my mom so great now, I think about the fact that she is my best friend who I talk to everyday.   She picks up the pieces that I just can’t seem to manage.   She remembers the details when life gets overwhelming.   She is the mediator between my daughter and I!  I’ve asked her to please stop praying that my daughter turns out just like me. She taught me how to look at life and laugh.
So thanks Mom, for everything!   I couldn’t do this without you.

My mom ““ Jane Thrash ““ is and has always been my best friend.   She is the woman that I most admire, trust, value counsel from, and learn from daily.   She is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me.

Born in Montgomery, AL, she lost her dad in the war before she could really know him, and her mom was left to raise two children under the age of 2 on her own.   My grandmom worked full time for the city, and sold Fashion Two-Twenty makeup as a source of extra income to take care of her family.   My mom was raised by a strong, selfless woman who would do anything for her family.   And that is exactly what she became.

At age 21 she married her high school sweetheart, and at 25, she left her teaching career to be a full time mom to me”¦and eventually my sisters, too!   She poured every ounce of herself into making life special, making memories, making sure that above all else, we knew that we were loved.   At times that meant sewing all of our clothes; making things with daddy to sell at craft fairs to pay for Christmas; or working countless hours on birthday decorations, costumes for a play, or curtains for our rooms”¦whatever it took, she did it.

As she and daddy started to think about us girls going to college, they decided to pursue a passion of hers and opened a gift store ““ Heartstrings of Auburn.   What I learned by her side over the 23 years that the store grew could not be contained in volumes of books.   When they closed the store, it was to pursue another passion.   Being grandparents.   Once again, mom has poured her heart and soul into that role, loving every second of it.

To say that my mom is my best friend is an understatement.   She is also my mentor, my role model, my cheerleader, and my coach.   She has shown me what it looks like to love, to pursue your passions with all of your heart, to never let go of your dreams, to laugh and make the best of every situation, and to fight for what matters”¦which really boils down to faith, family, and friends.
Thank you, mom, for loving me.   I love you!