It’s the day they say “I do!” What a wonderful day to remember for the rest of life! The bride and groom won’t forget but for everyone else, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers,  don’t let this day be just a forgotten memory. Share personalized gifts with those people who are there for you on your special day. Personalized gifts are meaningful gifts that will be a sweet reminder for years to come.
1. JN0800 $22 Silvertone Rhinestone Halo necklace 16 ½”-18″,  JN0801 $22 Goldtone Rhinestone Halo necklace 16 ½”-18″  2. JN0854-01 $26 Silvertone Define Beauty Necklace 3. JE0510 $24 3/8″ Silvertone Rhinestone posts JE0507 $24 3/8″ Goldtone Rhinestone posts 4. JE0534 $26 The Diane Silverplated Earrings 5. JE0506 $22 ¾” Freshwater Pearl drop earrings 6. JN0481 $21 Single 10mm Freshwater Pearl on silvertone chain 16 ½”,  JN0823 $29 Single Pearl on gold chain necklace 17″-20″  7. JN0787 $18 A Touch of Class Rhinestone Necklace 8. ET0031 $52 Lily Bathrobe Gray Polka Dot 9. GG0067 $16 Adult Mahogany Hanger
To the bride on her wedding day:
Bridesmaids are pretty special people.  The sorority sister that pledged with you in college, or the childhood friend that stuck by your side, no matter how far apart you were in life; you picked these ladies to stand by your side for a reason! Because they’re special to you! They are going to hold your dress when you are indisposed,  lend you her favorite lipstick to seal the perfect kiss, and cry with tears of happiness as you say “I do.”   Bridesmaids deserve the most special gift from the bride. Give her The Lily Bathrobe with her initials she can get ready in, and also enjoy on the lazy days at home. Hang her dress on a personalized Mahogany Hanger, (these make great pictures!) give gifts that they can wear at the wedding (Silvertone Rhinestone Halo necklace,  Goldtone Rhinestone posts,  Freshwater Pearl, or A Touch of Class Rhinestone Necklace) and look stunning, but also take with them forever as a token of your friendship.
1. ES0103 $29 Men’s Tie 2. ET0022-0100 $22 Black Sports Towel 3. EH0144-03 $36 Classic Black Hanging Travel Toiletry Case 4. ES0104 $9 Men’s Socks – Black 5. GG0248 $22 Cuff Links 6. EH0110 $58 16 Can Black Parka Cooler 7. GG0112 $13 Single Blade Stainless Pocket Knife
To the groom on his wedding day:
You wouldn’t want to say “I do”  without your “bros” by your side cheering you on. They are there (with personalized cuff links,  personalized socks, and tie) to show support in your decision to marry. They understand that Tuesday night card games might not happen as frequently, or that weekend trips fishing might be few and far between.  Show them they will not be forgotten by giving them a personalized Parka Cooler, Hanging Travel Toiletry, or Sports Towel (for the golf trips you can still go on) or pocket knife as a token of your friendship.
We put together a wide range price point for small to big wedding parties. For big parties the pocket knife is always a good idea. For a smaller wedding party, the Parka Cooler is a great gift for the guys.
1. JB0146-01 $19 Hot Pink Rope ID Bracelet 2. JN0339 $26 Freshwater Pearl & Silver Plated Charm Necklace 3. JN0338 $26 Silverplated Bead Disc Necklace  4. JE0019 $29 Sterling Round Post Earrings 5. EH0017-2000 $13 Navy Lunchbox of Love, EH0017-0100 $13 Hot Pink Lunchbox of Love 6. GG0069 $16 Child’s Mahogany Hanger, GG0068 $16 Child’s White Hanger
Brides, don’t forget the littles ones! As if the flower girl isn’t cute enough, she can wear a personalized Silverplated Bead Disc Necklace  and Sterling Round Post Earrings as she drops the petals down the aisle. The ring bearer needs a personalized Lunch Box Loves to reward him for making it down the aisle with the ring. That is not always an easy task!
1. JP0518 $24 Vintage Silver Ornate Cross on, JN0608-(specify length) with assorted charms 2. JN0854-01 $26 Silvertone Define Beauty Necklace 3. SC0401-25 $16 Modern Roses Luggage Wrap 4. JN0776 $59 Sterling Silver Bar Necklace 5. EH0143-01 $32 Grey Florence Jewelry Roll Case, EH0142-01 $28 Gray Florence Cosmetic Train Case 6. JB0453 $34 The Grace Pearl Bangle silverplated bracelet, fits up to 7″, JP0556 $16 The Grace Pearl silverplated pendant, shown on JN0031-(specify length) SS Rolo Chain, JR0057 $18 The Grace silverplated ring, sizes 5-9 adjustable. 11/16″, JE0528 $26 The Grace Pearl silverplated earrings, hang 2″
For the bride on her wedding day:
We all know the bride will look stunning when she walks down the aisle, but adding a special touch of personalization will make her glisten. The Grace Pearl collection would be the perfect wedding day gift from the mother of the bride or mother of the groom. The bride will be filled with joy to wear her NEW initials as she meets her future husband at the alter.  How special would it be to receive a Generations necklace with custom charms? (maybe from grandmother to bride: one generation to another)  Fill the necklace with personal charms such as the proposal, or “I do”  silhouette, birthstone charm, personal saying, or initial.
After the wedding let her show off her new monogram!  Send the happy couple away to their honeymoon with the Grey Florence Jewelry Roll Case,  and Cosmetic Train Case, and of course a personalized luggage wrap. As if people can’t tell they are newly weds by the glow on their faces, let them carry everything PERSONALIZED!
1. EB0019-0400 $69 Creme Cozy Throw 2. SC0217-14 $29 Family Seal Coasters, SC0217-12 $49 Family Seal Cutting Board 3. SC0320-26 $18 MRS. Mug, SC0319-26 $18 MR. Mug 4. SF0008 $24-$49 From This Moment Mat with Frame 5. SP0015 $49 Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Cover
For the Mr. and Mrs.:
Help the happy couple get off to a good start in their new home with all things PERSONALIZED. New name. New monogram. Gift them with a cozy throw with the name they now share, a cutting board for the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. mugs for them to enjoy coffee together, a personalized frame for a wedding picture, and a custom pillow to make the living room feel homie.