A personalized gift is never forgotten… or regifted! 😉 Small unique gifts like our new arrivals are PERFECT this time of year with graduation, Father’s day and any many other special occasions happening! It’s as simple as adding a monogram to set your gift apart from all of the ordinary gifts.
The Card Caddy 3.75″x 2.25″ Adheres to your phone, keeps your cards secure, and features a microfiber screen cleaner. holds 2-3 cards or cash.  (specify pattern) -34 $16 See pages 90-91 in catalog for designs.
The Card Caddy is PERFECT for college students or those who are always on the go. It is so easy to slip some cash and a card or two in the caddy and be on your way! Students can have instant access to their student ID, credit card, debit card, and cash because we know they have their phones on them at ALL TIMES 😉 Plus, a cell phone is much easier to fit in to the front of a backpack than a wallet. Oh, and the best part: it’s a screen cleaner too! Just peel the microfiber cloth (the patterned material, wipe your screen, and return it to the caddy. Seriously, so giftable.
The Acrylic Hotel Keychain (GG0128) $29 | Available in 12 colors
You have a key for this and a key for that… label them so you don’t mix them up! If you’re anything like me, I have a basket full of keys sitting on a shelf by the door. I have a key for the car, garage, lake house, my husbands motorcycle, a spare house key, etc. It can take forever to figure out what goes to what. The Acrylic Hotel Keychain is such a cute idea for labeling keys.
Also, The Acrylic Hotel Keychain is the ultimate sweet 16 present. Attach it to the new set of keys and hand them over to the new driver! (scary! 😐 )
The Petite Acrylic Filigree necklace- an old favorite in a new petite size! Don’t you love our acrylic filigree necklaces? Well now, fall even deeper in love with our petite size! If you liked the 1″- 2.25″ monogram but wished it was a little smaller, you are going to LOVE this one! (0.75″) You can wear it solo for a subtle look, or layer it with a longer necklace or two to really make a statement.   Add a bright color to your look or get a neutral tone, either way, you can’t go wrong! We finally have the ultimate “guy” gift! AND IT’S ONLY $20. The Dopp Kit is the perfect gift for a man or a woman. Doll it up with a fancy monogram for the ladies or make it manly with Times Block Monogram. It has two zipper compartments- one small and one large to keep everything seperated and organized. It is the perfect size for the traveling essentials! It also makes for a great Father’s Day gift… that is coming up soon, you know!