It’s officially July (can’t you tell by this heat?!), which means it’s time to squeeze in your summer beach trip or if you’re lucky maybe even a second one! Today we’re showing you what we think are necessities to take with you to enjoy the sand, the sea and those wonderful sunny days.


A day at the beach without sunglasses is no fun. Find some stylish shades to take with you and add our Mini Monogram to the lens to make them your own. ( Also aren’t these sunglasses adorable? We borrowed them from Nina and are in love.)

Still too bright? Bring along one of our baseball caps to wear!


What makes the beach more fun? A little music, of course! Whether you’re turning on country hits, 80s classics or you favorite artist, this SONY waterproof speaker is great for the beach. You can find this speaker and others here.


What better way to relax than bringing along a good book to read. We went to Beth to get her “œBeach Books” recommendations, and she didn’t hesitate to help. The first author she mentioned was Elin Hilderbrand whose books are all set in Nantucket. Another writer she shared was Mary Kay Andrews whose books are set in southern beach towns along Georgia, South Carolina and the northern Florida coast.


USE SUNSCREEN, PEOPLE! It’s so important to protect your skin, and you’ll be thankful in the future that you did. We all have our preferences on sunscreen, but if you’re searching for something new we found a great blog post that explains the benefits of multiple types and brands.


The beach is hot and all of those plastic water bottles can be a hassle. The Yeti cup is great for keeping your drinks cool all day long. Plus it’s the perfect fit for one of our tumbler koozies!


Pictures at the beach turn out to be favorites, but it’s so easy to be paranoid about dropping your phone in the sand, or even worse, the water. Bringing a waterproof phone pouch with you allows you to capture every fun moment, especially those under water! We found this one on Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Throw it all in one of our Ariel Canvas Totes along with your monogrammed towel, and you will be ready to conquer a trip to the beach!