This summer has flown by, and July is already halfway over. Summer ending means one thing: It’s time to get ready for school.

Everyone has set at least one New Year’s resolution in their life and we want to introduce a new concept to you. Just like a new calendar year, why not make resolutions for the new school year too? Beth, Alicia and other home office staff have shared the goals they are going to set.

  • I resolve to not be so rushed in the morning and prepare more the night before. 
  • I resolve to smile more in the morning!
  • I resolve to expand my children’s breakfast selections beyond biscuits or cinnamon toast sticks.
  • I resolve to not let my daughter have her phone in the mornings until ALL her things”┬Žand her”┬Žare securely in the car and headed to school.  If I have to turn around to go get something, it’s a day without her phone!
  • I resolve to make sure they know how to cook at least 5 different things (they can’t live on just ramen noodles and mac and cheese!)
  • I resolve to help them be prepared to get their first job and have a plan for college!
  • I resolve to take more pictures (even if they don’t like that)!
  • I resolve to start a weekly game night.
  • I resolve to write an encouraging note to my kids at least once a week.

Join in!! Use these resolutions and add your own!

We also want to make your back-to-school shopping a little easier. The best part about our backpacks and lunchboxes is that 100 percent of the profits are given to feed and educate children.

IO Loves supports organizations across the world. To support the education of children, IO has partnered with the Berea School in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and Helping Honduras Kids to assist with their Jungle School. Our feeding program partners include Charlies Lunch who feeds children in Latin America, India and Africa and Blessings in a Backpack which sponsors weekend meals for children in the U.S. With the purchase of a backpack or lunch box, you could be contributing to make a difference in the lives of children around the world.