IT’S CONFERENCE WEEK!!!! A week we’ve all been looking forward to and one we at home office have been working toward for so long. It’s a first for some consultants and a favorite weekend for others.
We asked around the home office and talked to some long-time consultants for tips and advice to share. Packing tips, advice and their favorite things. Check out what these ladies have to say!

Alicia: Don’t worry about what to wear”¦it’s casual and fun!   Jeans are a-ok!   Bring something nice for Saturday night. People will wear a wide range from pants to a Sunday dress to a cocktail dress to an evening gown. Just feel dressed up and special. Bring something 70’s/80’s if you want to dress up for the after-party”¦or just come as you are.   It’s our time to have a blast together.
Beth: Pack an open mind and an open heart! You never know what you are going to receive when you bring those.
Amy: Bring comfortable but professional clothes, something you would wear to your show.  You may want to bring a light sweater or jacket because some rooms are cooler than others.
Ann Marie: Some teams match and wear similar colors. I’m on Kelly’s team so we have color days. Since I have two of my team members attending, I’m getting us team shirts too for Saturday. Check with your team to see if you’re wearing anything special!
Alicia: Come rested! Because you won’t get any while you are here!   It’s too exciting!
Beth: Before you leave conference, write down the three things that you are going to do immediately and commit to doing them.   Don’t try to tackle ALL of the amazing ideas at once because there are going to be 1000 amazing ideas.   If you find your mind spinning, tackle the first 3 things and then start adding from there.   You will find that over the course of time you were able to do ALL of the amazing things.  
Amy: Come with an open mind, be prepared to learn and if you are shy, just plan on getting out of your comfort zone.  Some of the best tips you can get is from fellow consultants.  Don’t be shy, if you hear someone speak or see someone being recognized over and over again and you want to know their secret – ASK!   Sitting with someone at lunch or dinner is the perfect time to “pick” their brains – walk up and ask to join them, pick their brains and go for it!
Ann Marie: If you are flying & purchased catalogs, be sure to bring a suitcase to check in & leave room for the catalogs!

  • Bring your phone and your phone charger!  You’ll want the camera!
  • Bring your contact list if it’s not on your phone!!!   You will have things you want to share with them!
  • Bring something to write notes in”¦you’ll get a million new ideas!
  • Some people like to have note cards with them so that they can write little happies or personal notes to people while at conference.
  • Bring a little cash just in case.


  • When packing, remember to save room to bring home all your catalogs and store purchases!
  • May want to bring granola bars, etc for breakfast and bypass the breakfast downstairs because most likely you will stay up WAY to late and want those extra few minutes of sleep!
  • Listen to everything, ask the questions that you want to ask, process it all and then figure out how to make it work for you!   What works for someone doing this business full time might not work for someone that does this business in addition to a full-time job – so take it all in, process it and make it YOURS!

Ann Marie:

  • I bring a thin binder with folders in it. That way I can take notes & store handouts.
  • I also bring sheets of labels for my brand-new catalogs & put a few in my carry on in case I want to pass any out on the flight home!

Beth: My favorite part of conference is seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces throughout the entire weekend.   I love that we have the opportunity to get to know new faces during this weekend.
Amy: I love everything about conference but one of my favorite parts is the night after the new catalog is revealed, just going back to the room with tons of fellow consultants, putting on my PJs and laying in bed flipping through the catalog together, figuring out how we could wear this, what age group would love this? who do I need to send a photo to, etc!
Ann Marie: My favorite part about conference is all that I learn and bring home to my team to get ready to jump start the holiday selling season!  I also love the camaraderie we all share with each other! I adore my IO sisters & everyone at HO! So nice to meet new people too and put a face to the name!
Amy's catalog pajama party happens every year after the new catalogs are released. Amy’s catalog pajama party happens every year after the new catalogs are released. Ann Marie with her team at last year's conference. Ann Marie with her team at last year’s conference.