While we’ve been talking a lot about the fun times and sweet surprises we had at conference, we wanted to take a moment to focus on the lessons learned and inspiration gained. A few of our consultants shared their biggest takeaway from everyone’s favorite weekend of the year.
My biggest takeaway from conference is that it doesn’t matter where you live and what you have going on with your life, Initial Outfitters can work for you!  We all are different, with different backgrounds, different families, different skills and assets but IO gives us everything we need to make this successful… all you need to do is put in the “heart and hustle”! YOU are the only one holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams because anything is possible!!

Wendy, left, and Emily at our Queens of Pop luncheon at conference.


Stacy Brown, founder of Chicken Salad Chick, shared with us that the best business advice that she ever received was from her mother and that was to “œDepend on Change.” Don’t be scared of it.   In this ever growing and changing society it is so hard to not get anxious and overwhelmed about it all. Staying positive, focused, connected and engaged are crucial to moving forward.

Kathy, right, and Kelly before our Awards Dinner.

My biggest takeaways as a leader were helping my team dream and set goals, seeing how much they bonded as a group and knowing how important connection and camaraderie are to them.
For my business personally, conference helped me set goals and dream big for this coming year. It also reminded me the importance of a strong party schedule!

Emily with two of her team members and Alicia at our Queens of Pop luncheon.


My biggest takeaway from conference was when I realized that no matter how well we do, or even if we are struggling, we motivate, inspire and support each other. We are like a close knit extended family, actually even better, because those we are not “œrelated” to, those on a different team, we genuinely care about and also work with.  That is my favorite part of this company and hope this always stays this way.
In the same way we look up to and mimic our parents’ ways and what they have taught us, we also learn a lot from our owners and founders Jim and Alicia, they have instilled in us this fellowship. I love IO!!!

Doreen, second from left, with her New York girls.

These ladies are so important to this company and while we hope to always bring fun, excitement and encouragement, we always want them to leave knowing they have the potential to accomplish anything with their business.

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