This week’s story is coming all the way from New York. Check out Doreen’s story on what drives her to be the best she can be.

When I started with IO, I was looking to make extra money for my family. I chose Initial Outfitters because I love the products, and we have such a variety of options that we can sell to anyone. The longer I am with the company, I realize that although the products are what drew me to IO, what actually fuels my passion for this company is so much more.   I love what this company stands for. We make a living that makes a difference. The ministries and charities that we partner with not only empower, educate and feed children all over the world, but they also embrace and serve them.
Working for a company that I believe in and selling products that I can stand behind and am passionate about are what makes my IO business so special. The most important thing for me is having respect for the people I work for and with.

Doreen and other consultants enjoyed a fun photoshoot at our winter conference, Ignite.

Although I started this business to make extra money, that has become secondary to the relationships that I have built through Initial Outfitters. They have been so important to me. Of course, I have customers and hostesses that I have become close with, but I didn’t expect to grow so close to the founders of our company, the home office staff, the other leaders and consultants I have met from all over the country along the way. The bond that I have established with the amazing team that I have built still amazes me.

The “East Coast Angels” take on National Conference.

I can honestly say that the relationships that I have built through this company have been extraordinary. My upline leader, Kelly, has been so supportive and inspiring and I could not have asked for more. The other leaders and outfitters that I have met both on my team and across the board have not only helped me find my self-confidence again and built up my self-esteem, but they are what inspires me and pushes me to dream more and do more.   With Initial Outfitters, we are a “family” who genuinely wants to empower each other and push one another to reach for the stars.

Doreen and her upline leader Kelly celebrate the new reward trip destination, Riviera Maya, Mexico!

I have been able to contribute to my family’s income substantially through working for Initial Outfitters, while still being able to be home for my kids when need be. I am able to structure my schedule around my kids’ activities, which enables me to be at the soccer field, volleyball court or wherever life takes them. I love that I am able to be a role model for my children, and show them that the efforts put forth now, and the time sacrificed for a better good, will reward us in our future.   This year my children are planning to come on the trip to Mexico, so they know that in order to do so they are going to promote my business as much as possible to “earn” their spot on the trip.   I believe in teaching them at an early age that nothing comes for “free” and that nothing is more satisfying than earning something on your own.   I also have to add that after bringing my husband on a free trip and having him meet my “IO” family, it has allowed him to understand my passion for this amazing company, and he too has a fondness for these amazing people.

Doreen and her family

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