We’re giving you a look at some of the hottest fall jewelry trends! Reds, string, fringe and fur are just a few of the 10 trends we’re laying out for you.

fall jewelry trends - silver

Strand of Silver necklace- JN0874; Cutwork Cross bracelet- JB0476; The Charleston Silvertone Stretch bracelet- JB0429; Silver Plated Make Your Mark cuff- JB0154; Rhapsody Pewter cuff- JB0423-02, Silver Engraved plate- JP0547; SP Hammered ring- JR0001; Suzie Metallic tote- EH0168

fall jewelry trends - folk

Fiesta necklace, Flamingo Pink- JN0880-01; Earrings- JE0249; Generation Collection pendant- JP0496; VG Oval Suede bracelet- JB0471; The Charleston Goldtone bracelet- JB0429; Freshwater Pearl bracelet- JB0705; VG ring- JR0042; Sonora Fringe handbag, Gray- EH0170-03

fall jewelry trends - denim

Changing Seasons necklace- JN0871; Teardrop Tortoise necklace- JN0850; Small Tortoise Acrylic cuff- JB0431; The Charleston Stretch hematite bracelet- JB0429; VG Freshwater Pearl bracelet- JB0390; Earrings- JE0696; Sonora Fringe handbag, Brown- EH0170-01

fall jewelry trends - checkered plaid

Simple Pleasures necklace ““ JN0883; Black/SP Identity Leatherette bracelet- JB0425-04; Jet Black Crystals and Silver bracelet- JB0414; Compass Medallion bracelet- JB0472; Just the Right Touch Choker- JN0866; Earrings- JE0527-01; Just the Essentials wristlet, Blue,- EH0160-05

fall jewelry trends - corduroy

Tortoise Drop Me a Line necklace- JN0888; Large Tortoise Acrylic cuff- JB0432; Gold Rush Brown Suede bracelet- JB0454; Keep it Casual bracelet, Khaki- JB0428-01; Earrings- JE0253; Jenna Handbag set, Maroon- EH0176-02

fall jewelry trends - words, graphic tees

Sparkling Magnolia necklace/choker- JN0864; Earrings-JE0252; Safari bracelet, Camo- JB0469-02; Jet Black Crystals and Silver bracelet- JB0414; The Charleston Silvertone Stretch bracelet- JB0429; Rhapsody Black cuff- JB0423-03, Silver Engraved plate- JP0547

fall jewelry trends - strings

Black Delicate Duster necklace- JN0878-01; Generation Collection pendant- JP0436; Earrings- JE0253-01; Metallic Cosmetic Pouch, Black- EH0169-01

fall jewelry trends - roses

Girl Boss necklace, Burgundy- JN0873-02; SP Oval Teardrop pendant- JP0318; Safari bracelet, Gray Leopard- JB0469-01; Girl Boss bracelet, Burgundy- JB0473; Subtle Statement SS cuff- JB0443; Metallic Cosmetic Pouch, Silver- EH0169-02

fall jewelry trends- red

Epic Encounter necklace- JN0882; Faceted Frenzy Two Strand bracelet- JB0447; Midnight Moon bracelet- JB0462; Gold Plated Business as Usual ID cuff- JB0456; Earrings- JE0254; Snakeskin Chic clutch/wristlet- EH0180

fall jewelry trends - sheer fur

Hidden Gem necklace- JN0862; VG “œV” necklace- JN0804-03; Earrings- JE0527; VG Freshwater Pearl bracelet- JB0390; That’s a Wrap bracelet, Bronze- JB0430-03; Keep it Casual bracelet, Khaki- JB0428-01; Leave an Impression vest- ES0111

fall jewelry trends - bags

Suzie Metallic tote- EH0168; Sonora Fringe handbag, Gray- EH0170-03; Sonora Fringe handbag, Brown- EH0170-01; Jenna Handbag set, Maroon- EH0176-02

These fall jewelry trends are sure to be show stoppers this season. So as seasons change, let your accessories do the same!

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