Friendship is a special thing that can’t be matched. It’s an incredible thing to see the bond created between our consultants scattered across the country. Jennifer of Oxford, Alabama shares her journey of leadership and experience with the “IO sisterhood.”
When I became a consultant, I had absolutely zero direct sells experience, so in the beginning of my business growing a team was on the back burner of my mind. However, I quickly saw the ground floor opportunity within the fairly new company combined with the super fun sisterhood and knew I had to give it my best try. Today I have a million dollar producing team of around 400 amazing women across the USA.   We continue to reach goal after goal and develop stronger and more independent leaders that are top achievers in the company. I’m so proud of my team! The ironic part of being a leader is while you’re helping others grow, they end up teaching you so much more.
One of my favorite parts of my position at IO is being able to invest in and encourage other women. What a joy it is to invest in a person and see their hard work come to fruition. Whether on my team or a fellow IO sister, we all support and cheer each other on and it feels great to be a part of something so fun and rewarding. Some of my dearest friends have been made through IO. These relationships are precious and irreplaceable.

Jennifer and two of her team members at our Awards Dinner at National Conference.

Being a business owner and leader for my team, I’ve discovered that I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was at the beginning of this venture. Not necessarily in physicality but mental strength. I’ve learned how to push through the hard times and enjoy the good.   I’ve seen how adversity can be hard and uncomfortable pushing you to your breaking point or it can be the force that pushes you out of your comfort zone giving freedom to achieve your dreams. This quote says it nicely: “Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, when you’ve actually been planted.” What can seem like a dark time can actually be a time of growth and redirection. Embrace it and never stop dreaming.

Jennifer reaping the rewards of her hard work!!

The relationships. “It takes both sides to build a bridge.”  The way our founders and home office team desire our feedback and sincerely want us to accomplish all our IO dreams sets this company apart from the rest. The friendships I’ve built are genuine, real and lasting. It was my first reason to join the company and it will be the part that will keeps me here.

Jennifer and her husband enjoyed our most recent reward trip, a cruise to the Bahamas.

IO has been the best financial decision my husband and I have ever made.   We went from living paycheck to paycheck to jobless to now living debt free all while saving for a substantial down payment on our dream home this spring. It’s quite surreal actually.

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