There are strong values we live by each and everyday here at Initial Outfitters. The things we believe in are what makes this business special, not only for the home office staff but for our wonderful consultants, too. We truly believe in IO and love it.
We could go line by line and explain why each of these are important to us, but the words are so strong they speak for themselves. Not only do we believe in these values but are so thankful for each. Thankful for this country and our supportive communities, for our faith and the blessing that we get to share it daily, for our family, for our sweet friends and the encouragement we receive constantly from each other and of course, for Initial Outfitters. This company allows us to be girl bosses day in and day out and truly make a difference. What an amazing feeling?!
We want this creed to be a reminder of all the blessings we are surrounded by, and what better way than to have them right there with you. Download these images to save on your computer and cell phone home screens!

Along with the full creed image, the two below are easily downloadable for your computer home screen!

Downloading is easy!!

All you have to do is click on the image and once it opens in a new tab, right click and “Save Image As.”

And who wants it to go everywhere with them??   Make one of these your lock screen or your home screen on your cell phone!


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