Connie, a home party consultant from Elba, Alabama, shares how she got her start with Initial Outfitters and the financial impact it had on her family. What a great testament to what having your own business can do for you.
I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with direct sales but finding the “right” company had been a challenge. After checking out Initial Outfitters and praying about it, I knew that IO offered the right products, comp plan, growth and Christian  environment I was looking for.   The IO Loves mission’s desire to feed and educate children all over the world  really tugged at my heart strings confirming to me this company seeks to give back and make a difference, which is what I love to do too!  The founders, home office staff and fellow home party consultants that make up Initial Outfitters are simply the best and I couldn’t be happier!
home party consultant; connie wins an award at Initial Outfitters national conference

Connie was our Outfitter Leader with the Highest Group Volume for the 2016/2017 year!

As a single mom during much of my children’s childhood, I struggled financially and had to say NO more than I wanted to. I had very little security… and very little control over how I could increase my pay because I already worked full-time and had no more time to devote to “part-time” jobs that paid minimum wage.
Because of IO, I now have more security… I have “money in the bank.” Having that freedom and just knowing the money is in the bank gives me a lot of pride. It just means so much to me.
This financial security really helped recently as we prepared for the birth of my grandson, and I was able to buy things my daughter needed. My grandson was born a couple weeks ago and unexpectedly had to spend a week in the NICU. Because of my IO business, I had the funds available to help my daughter and her husband so they could focus on the baby. It feels good to say YES when I want to instead of NO when I have to!
Home party consultant; connie and her grandson

Connie and her sweet new grandson. How cute?!

The friendships I have made through IO are so special because we have such a strong bond with each other. Not only with our own teams but with the entire company – our founders, home office staff and  across other teams! We truly care about each other, encourage each other and celebrate each other! You don’t find these kinds of friendships everywhere you go! I truly do love my IO family!
Growing a team of others just like me and watching them do things they never thought they could is a big accomplishment for me! I have grown in many ways and developed more self-confidence as I have promoted up in IO leadership.  What makes me passionate is making a difference…being a part of something bigger than myself! Serving my customers and hostesses, supporting the IO Loves mission and watching my amazing team accomplish personal and team goals confirms to me that I am indeed the one who is blessed!
home party consultant photo shoot at Initial Outfitters national conference

Consultants had a blast at a photo shoot in January

Home party consultant photoshoot


Connie truly is a rockstar.

As a home party consultant, she is accomplishing some of the finer things in life. First of all, great friendships but also life long leadership skills and financial security for her sweet family.
Do you want to be a home party consultant?? The best thing is that we actually have three ways to party! At home, on Facebook and by catalog sales! Think you want to give it a shot? Contact us!

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