The thing about building your own business and team is that you are constantly pushing yourself. Emily shares why she LOVES Initial Outfitters and the impact IO has on her leadership abilities, family and friendships. Her direct selling success is through the roof!

I love our product line.  It is beautiful, fun, and oh so giftable.  I love being able to give special and meaningful gifts and help my customers do the same.  I love helping my hostesses get EVERYTHING on their wish list by just inviting their friends and family over for a fun girls’ night.  I love empowering women by helping them start their own business that they can work around their own priorities and desires. I love working my business around MY schedule and knowing that the only limits are those I put on myself.  I love the recognition that Home Office provides and taking my husband on fabulous incentive trips every year. And I love the income!!  College is expensive, and it feels great to be able to contribute!

Emily and her family

Emily and her sweet family!

I love that my boys have seen their mom grow an active and thriving business.  I hope that it has inspired the entrepreneurial spirit in them and given them a belief that anything is possible.  It has been such a blessing to take a little bit of the financial burden off my hard-working husband.  I love being able to provide “˜extras’ for my family, like vacations, private school, college tuition and more.

Home party business consultants on the reward cruise to the Bahamas

Emily and other consultants enjoyed a cruise to the Bahamas, our most recent reward trip!

Next to personal growth, the friends are probably the biggest unexpected blessing from my Initial Outfitters business. Many of my hostesses and customers have become dear friends. We have so much fun not only at the parties but also just doing life together.  In addition, my team has become a second family.  We support, encourage, challenge, celebrate and pray for each other.  And when we get together, watch out!  There is sure to be laughter to the point of tears!

consultants on a team retreat

Team retreat!

Building a team wasn’t something I originally planned on when I started in direct sales, but it quickly became my passion. As I have shared my love for Initial Outfitters, our products and our business, I’ve grown my team.  There is just nothing like helping a friend start her own business and reach her goals.  Seeing your team member be able to help her family financially and gain confidence in herself is amazing.  Being a leader has stretched and grown me.  I’ve discovered abilities that I didn’t know I had and have experienced personal growth in so many areas!

Emily receiving one of our top success awards at conference

One of our newest IO Pathfinders: Emily!!

Along with her direct selling success, Emily has built friendships that will last a lifetime, leaderships skills that are irreplaceable and showed her sons that she is the ultimate girl boss!

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