Our fall catalog dropped a month and a half ago, and we got curious which products were becoming quick favorites. We took a look at the new products and laid out the top selling jewelry and accessories. Three categories just for you: accessories, necklaces and “finishing touches.” Take a look and see if everyone else loves your favorite items as much as you!
Top selling jewelry- accessories Top selling jewelry- accessories
When we say accessories, we’re talking about our fun non-jewelry items! Handbags, travel items, even a few pieces of clothing are quick favorites. One in particular to point out is the cell phone pocket, which we call a “Card Caddy.” Looking for a small gift?? This is the one! All sorts of patterns, including for guys! (Is it too early to mention Christmas? Oh well, we’ll do it any way… Such a great stocking stuffer!!!)
Top selling jewelry- necklaces Top selling jewelry- necklaces Top selling jewelry- necklacesWho doesn’t love necklaces?! We introduced several statement necklaces this go around and that’s exactly what they are — statement pieces! If you saw someone wearing the Fiesta necklace, it’d be hard to miss, right? Different colors, different styles, different lengths, these new top sellers cover pretty much all the bases in the necklace category.
Top selling jewelry- bracelets and earringsTop selling jewelry- bracelets and earringsWhat do we mean by finishing touches? This is what we like to refer to bracelets and earrings as. They are those little details that absolutely make an outfit complete!
Let’s talk earrings really quick. The Evening Rain earrings put a spin on the classic hoop earring. The size is great, and they are light weight. Now bracelets. It would be easy to argue over the “best” bracelet all day. Two to point out are the Safari bracelets and the Cutwork Cross bracelet. The Safari bracelet gives you two options, a deep green option with the Camo pattern and a warm gray Gray Leopard print. The faux fur gives some great texture. The Cutwork Cross bracelet is simple, adjustable, easy to pair or great to wear by itself. This one is flying out the door!!!
Now our question for you! Are you going to try and get everything in one category or pick your favorites from each?

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