We hear that a lot of people join because they fell in love with the jewelry. Kara is a testament to that but it quickly became so much more. Starting with a simple necklace, Kara is now rocking her home party business and leading other great ladies to do the same.

I saw a Generations necklace posted on Facebook and absolutely fell in love with it! When I priced it out, I realized I could join the company for not much more than the cost of that necklace. I don’t think I even realized it at the time, but in my mind, I must have been looking for an opportunity like this. Something that was FUN and brought in some extra income.  So, being the inquisitive person that I am, I did my research and fell in love with much more than that necklace. Free Products? Free Trips? Corporate events held out of town?  Friends all over the USA? Work when it’s convenient for me?  YES PLEASE!

consultants at national conference

Kara and Jenny definitely put heart and hustle into their businesses.

Initial Outfitters has helped our family remain debt free for big occasions like Christmas shopping, family vacations, and even when life throws that unexpected bill our way. If they want to go to Disney World again and again…WE CAN!  It is an amazing feeling to know that I’ve got it covered! It is truly a family business as well! My kids love to help with organization of everything, and my daughter says she’s going to be “a jewelry party lady” someday! My husband is very supportive of my home party business and is the best banker, bellman, and mailman a girl could ask for! And he definitely loves the FREE trips!  But in all seriousness, it’s amazing to know that I am helping our family in such a big way!
Kara and her husband enjoyed the reward trip to the Bahamas

Kara and her husband had a blast on our most recent rewards trip, a cruise to the Bahamas!

I truly  had no idea what I had hoped to accomplish when I joined IO, except for earning back my investment. I had no idea it would become such an empowering endeavor for me. When I attended my first IO spring corporate  event and  training, called Ignite, four months after joining, I was instantly in LOVE with everyone I’d been hearing about, all the products, the tips for success, and the encouragement from our founder Alicia Storbeck to go for earning that trip! She asked who was going for it, and  I literally stood up on a chair and exclaimed “I AM!”
Since those first few months with IO, I have accomplished so many things that I never dreamed possible…every reward trip, top 10 in several categories  numerous times, Catalog girl twice, and many other amazing things that have helped me  GROW so much as a person. I feel so strong and confident and know that if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish it with IO. I never dreamed that I would love a “job” as much as I love IO.
Consultants are featured in each catalog

Catalog girls!! Kara and Stephanie were featured in our spring catalog.

Building a team and continuing to help women feel a sense of empowerment and purpose through a career with IO is one of my favorite aspects of being a leader with this company! I love the camaraderie on our team and with other consultants throughout the whole company. One of my favorite things about being a consultant in this company is all of the amazing friendships near and far that help me be a better person and enjoy life a whole lot more! If I or someone on my team  need some guidance or have an accomplishment worth celebrating,  I know I can count on our family of consultants to help out and cheer us on!  Our conferences, reward trips and team meetings are the perfect excuse for a Girls Night or weekend! Our parties too!
IO Home Party Business Consultants take a trip to the home office before national conference

A trip to the Home Office!

Making a Living that makes a difference is not a concept that is new to me, as I am also a full time educator, but IO has opened my eyes to a life of making a difference for others. My son was born with cleft lip and palate in 2007 and has a great medical “family” on our cleft team here in St. Louis. They always take such good care of him and us, and I found a way to give back with our partnership with Charlie’s Lunch and IO Loves.
Each year since becoming a consultant, my son and I, along with our family, have completed a Lunchbox Love project. We have donated over 550 lunchboxes filled with some fun to help the kids at  our hospital and cleft team smile a little brighter! Such an amazing feeling to give back to others who have given so much to us, and to see the giant sense of pride that is instilled in my son and our family each year as we complete our project. It is absolutely one of my memories adventures as a family each year!
Kara's son after collecting bags for Lunch Box Love project

What a difference Kara, her son and the rest of their family are making through their IO Loves projects!!

It’s easy to see that this is much more than just a home party business for Kara. It’s become a source of joy, friendships and definitely success. Keep up the awesome work, Kara!!!

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