It’s been a long week, the kids have been crazy, work is stressful and you need some time for yourself. We’ve all been there, and we know what can help. GIRL TIME!! Get your friends together for a jewelry party and some fun.
It’s not just a jewelry party, it’s so much more! Monogram purses, home décor, gift items, the list goes on. But put the product to the side of your mind for a second and let’s talk about fun!
You know what is fun? Themes!!! One thing we’re sure of is that your girls’ night will not be bland. At all. Mexican and Monograms, Cupcakes and Coffee, a tailgating party. Name a theme and your consultant will be there to make it happen every step of the way.
So we’ve said it’s fun, but another important thing to note is that it is SO easy. Your jewelry party will be a breeze. Our consultant brings the party to you!
We have some easy steps for you to take:
a jewelry party is so easy

  1. BOOK IT- Talk with your consultant and find a date that works for both of you… and then get excited. Let the planning begin!
  2. INVITE- Get your guest list going and start inviting some friends.
  3. SHOP & EARN- “œWhat do you mean earn?” Oh yeah, so along with friends, fun and monogram initials galore, YOU GET TO EARN FREE AND DISCOUNTED ITEMS!

Three steps, it’s that easy. Scroll down for some FAQs!!
Katie from Home Office hosted an IO party last month. Take a look at some of the fun times they had at her Cupcakes and Coffee party!!
Katie's jewelry party
We know you probably have some questions! Get in touch with us or check out these FAQs.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What are the benefits of hosting a party? First off, hostesses generally receive $100-$150 credit to spend on items (based on our average party sales of $500-$700), as wells as discounts of 50%-70% off on other products. That’s the kind of jewelry party we all want! Another great perk is that if one of your guests book a party, you can receive 50% off an extra item. Monthly specials are offered exclusively to hostesses, too. Honestly the list could go on, but why don’t you check in with your consultant about all of them 😉
What if I want to host, but don’t know a consultant? No worries!! We can easily connect you with a local consultant. Just fill out the contact form!
What type of products will I see at a party? A selection of monogram jewelry, statement jewelry, handbags and assorted gift items. While you may only see a portion of the catalog items, ALL are available to you!
Who should I invite to my party? Friends, coworkers, your fellow “soccer moms”, neighbors. Anyone who loves jewelry, monograms and more!
Do I have to have my party at my house? NO! Your house is a great option, but we’ve hosted parties at restaurants, coffee shops, ballparks, hair salons and are always up for a Facebook party.
Now that you’ve seen some of the info around hosting your very own jewelry party, it’s time to get the girls together!!!
set up of a jewelry party

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