As women, we love a good handbag which is completely understandable. If you think about it, when was the last time you left the house and didn’t use a purse for the entire day? Truly, they are not a want but a need!!! (Okay, we might be stretching it there, but hey, we love them.) What is one step above your average cute bags? Monogram purses!
The best part about personalizing your monogram purses is the number of ways to make it yours! You’ve got your traditional monogram, a single letter monogram and in some cases, you could even use a word or two.
Another way you can make it unique is by choosing what color you want to feature on your monogram purse. Choose colors based on the season, a sports team, your favorite color or if you want it to be subtle or stand out! The options go on and on.monogram purses, large handbags
Don’t like to carry around a bigger handbag? That’s what clutches and wristlets are for! And they definitely fall in the category of some of the best monogram purses you can find.monogram purses, clutches and wristlets
What are you looking for in your next bag? Peyton is taking a look at five categories and telling you which handbag she thinks is best for each. Introducing Peyton’s Picks!
monogram purses, top picks
With some help from our consultants, I want to show you at closer look at what people love!


If you’re looking for the most convenient, easiest to carry around bag, I suggest the Just the Essentials Wristlet. While it’s small, it really does fit all of the essentials. Phone, a small wallet, some lip gloss, keys, sunglasses and so on. Plus the strap makes it easy to wear around your wrist.

most convenient monogram purses- just the essentials wristlet

Kelly shows off her Just the Essentials wristlet.


I’m a plain Jane. Simple things are my favorite, which is probably why the Jenna handbag is my favorite new bag of the catalog. The design is simple but also different than most bags you see. Let me say this right now: Simple does not mean boring or any less cute!!! This is a top seller and it’s easy to see why. Good shape, plenty of space, an easy-to-slide-on single strap.

simple monogram purses- the jenna handbag set

Lora shared how she customized her Jenna handbag set.


Moms carry everything but the kitchen sink in their every-day bag, right? Well you can fit all of that PLUS the kitchen sink in the Sonora Fringe handbag. I know what you’re thinking, “œThis is an exaggeration.” Nope. (Okay, maybe a little.) This bag is deep and allows you to pack it full of necessities. The fun fringe is just an added bonus.

most spacious monogram purses- sonora fringe handbag

Mica models a wonderful moss green Sonora Fringe handbag.

The Feel

Since when is the feel of the bag important, you ask. Not 100% sure, but if you get this bag it will make total sense once you get your hands on it. The Caroline Bucket handbag is a dream to carry. It’s smooth on the outside and you won’t be able to put it down. Along with that, the inside of the purse has a suede feel. Two thumbs up, for sure.

soft monogram purses

Missy chose a word for her Caroline Bucket handbag!

Something Different

Do you ever just want to be different? To stand out? The Suzie Metallic tote will help you do just that! How many people do you see carrying metallic monogram purses? If you’re thinking, this is out of my comfort zone or there’s no way I could carry that, rethink for a second. It’s super adorable and the color you choose for your personalization makes all the difference whether you want to be subtle or stand out. The cool thing, get more than just a monogram! I vote you go for it.

unique monogram purses

Calling all Cheer Moms! The Suzie Metallic tote is easy to make it your own.

Monogram purses are a great way to pick your style, make it unique and enjoy your everyday handbag.

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