We all love to incorporate our style and our finishing touches to the outfits we choose. That’s the best part of jewelry, having endless options on what to wear. It would be easy to list different styles and statement wear but we definitely have a favorite here. Initial Jewelry. That’s what we’re all about, personalizing. If you can put a monogram on it, we probably already have!
We can easily break our initial jewelry into a few common categories, so let’s go for it!!


Do you have a piece of jewelry you wear every single day? People recognize it and putting it on has become part of your routine. They’re cute, simple and personal. (If you don’t have one, we definitely have some options ;))
The bar necklace is so trendy right now, and you can put ANYTHING on it. A word of encouragement, a family member’s name or initials, a date and of course your name or initials!

initial jewelry - bar necklace

So simple. So great. Bar necklace- Silver, JN0776. Gold Plated- JN0315

A couple of cool variations of the bar necklace include our Joy in Your Story necklace. Basically, you’re just adding more amazing bars. The “œV” necklace gives a unique shape to showcase your initials. Finally, a favorite for everyone is the Drop Me a Line necklace. A simple hanging, long bar necklace.
initial jewelry- three simple necklace styles

Three Must-Haves! L to R- The Joy in Your Story necklace-Vintage Silver, JN0803; Silver Plated, JN0802 | The V necklace- JN0804 (Iron Works, -01; Vintage Silver, -02; Vintage Gold, -03; Silverplated, -04) | Drop Me a Line necklace- Silver, JN0840-02, Gold, JN0840-01

The next great piece of initial jewelry showcases just that. Your initial! Whether it’s the letter your first name begins with, your last name, your children’s names, the Mini Me necklace is a sweet, dainty piece that is easy to wear with anything. From running errands to a professional work day, it’s an easy option! (With three adjustable lengths, you can even stack them!)

Top Seller alert!!! The Mini Me necklace- Gold plated, JN0841-02; Sterling Silver, JN0841-01


Next step! Bold initial jewelry. We’re not talking crazy, but these are larger pieces that can be the focus of your look. We have several larger pendants that are great for you to start building a necklace that you love.

Here’s the pendant lineup! Vintage Gold Round Table pendant- JP0338, Chain- JN0395-0024; Vintage Silver Fancy Frame pendant- JP0563, Chain- JN0513-0020; VG Shield pendant- JP0505, Chain- JN0352-0020; Iron Works Ornate Cross pendant- JP0516, Chain- JN0359-0030

Now, take a look at this! The Tortuga collection offers patterns and multiple pieces that are perfect for you to personalize.
initial jewelry- Tortoise collection

Large Tortoise Acrylic cuff- JB0432; Small Tortoise Acrylic cuff- JB0431; Teardrop Tortoise necklace- JN0850; Tortoise Drop Me a Line necklace- JN0888; Wild for You Tortoise necklace- JN0849; Teardrop Tortoise earrings- JE0529

One More…

Finally, a category for only one necklace. What screams initial jewelry more than a necklace that is nothing more than your initials?!
The Filigree monogram necklace comes in multiple sizes, multiple fonts and multiple colors! It’s an understatement to say we love them.

initial jewelry - monogram neckalces

This one is completely up to you! Choose the size, the the color and finally, the chain and length. Check out page 39 of the Fall 2017 Catalog!

Want to check out these initial jewelry pieces a little closer?   Take a look at our catalog.
Have you ever thought about hosting a jewelry party? Share this fun jewelry (and WAY more) with your family and friend. Plus earn some free or discounted products! Sounds nice, right? Here’s some more info!

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