There’s just something special about a Saturday in the fall. It’s even better when you’re in your favorite place, getting ready for the big game, enjoying all of your favorite gameday food. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about today, GAMEDAY FOOD! (All-caps were necessary because who doesn’t love it?!)
We checked out Pinterest and found some of the best options for your tailgate party. We’ll even show you how to get the food to the game warm and ready to eat! (Shoutout to Pinterest and the awesome bloggers who created the treats we’re about to drool over!!)
What is one must have at a tailgate? Chips and dip! We found a recipe for a dip that you’re sure to love. Buffalo Chicken dip is a fan favorite and so easy. Check out the recipe here!

Buffalo Chicken Dip is an instant crowd-pleaser.

When the weather cools off, there’s nothing better than a classic bowl of chili. This site shows you step by step how to make the chili, how to serve it and even has a little history behind it. (Chili trivia, anyone?) You’ll want to check it out!

All we want is a nice bowl of chili after looking at this picture.

If you’re a little tired of the “œclassic” chili, switch up the meat you use or add in some extra ingredients. It’s the perfect soup to “make your own.” (Just like our jewelry. We’ve told you before we like to make things uniquely yours, and yes, we definitely just took the opportunity to compare our products to chili. Bet you’ve never seen that before!) Pinterest has tons of recipes that take chili to a whole other level. We’ll stick with simple, though.
Now desserts. It’s a necessity to have something a little sweet to eat right before you head into the game.
Look at this amazing cheese ball! Well cheeseCAKE ball. With it designed like a football, it’s impossible to not want to try it. So cute!


So we’ve got a cheese ball on the menu, now let’s add”¦ Oreo balls (or truffles, if you like) So tasty, and again shaped like a football. If you don’t have a lot of time, these no-bake treats are the treats for you to bring!

And let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with classic cupcakes. Easy to decorate, yummy to eat!!
Now you have all of this great food, but there’s one problem we all face at this point. How do I get the food to the tailgate??? We know!! Two options for you!
The first is the Shop Around the Market Tote. It’s fully insulated and such a great size. The other is our Double Casserole carrier. It’s also fully insulated and can carry one or two casserole dishes. (That’s one less thing you’ll have to carry separately!) Both are great for hot or cold items, so whether you want to keep the dip hot or the cheese ball chilled, these are the carriers for you!!

Absolute must-haves!! Shop Around the Market tote- EH0123-01 | Double Casserole carrier- EH0148-01

We can’t wait to go home and make these gameday foods for our next tailgate party!! Which is the one you want to try the most?

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