We all love being trendy and lucky for us our new favorite trend is built off of the classic silver and gold looks. We’re talking metallic jewelry!!!!
Looking at a few of our most popular items from the fall catalog, we knew we needed to expand on the idea of metallic jewelry”¦ Introducing the IO Metallics collection!

Let’s talk jewelry first!

The name of these necklaces says it all, Sparkle and Shine. Two strands, one necklace. They help you look like you’re layering all while you add just one necklace to your look. (That’s not to say it doesn’t pair great with other long layers. We love it with the She’s a Keeper necklace!)
It comes in four colors, so whether you’re a silver or gold person, you’re taken care of with no worries. Silver, Hematite, Bronze and Black.

metallic jewelry - sparkle and shine necklaces

LOVE LOVE LOVE | Sparkle and Shine necklaces Silver- JN0889-01; Hematite- JN0889-02; Bronze- JN0889-03; Black- JN0889-04

Now you need a bracelet to complement your new Sparkle and Shine necklace, and we definitely have the bracelet for you! The Mix and Mingle charm bracelets come in coordinating colors (silver, hematite and black/grey). The best part about this bracelet is that you don’t have to worry about finding a charm, one comes with it personalized just for you! The Mix and Mingle bracelets are stretchy which means you don’t have to deal with wondering what size you need!
One other piece of metallic jewelry is an office favorite already! The Keep Shining bracelet comes in the same metallic colors you love and they are FABULOUS! Perfect to stack, beautiful standing alone. A top pick already is the Rose Gold.
metallic jewelry keep - shining bracelet and mix and mingle bracelets

We’re obsessed with these new bracelets | KEEP SHINING bracelets: Silver- JB0479-01; Hematite- JB0479-02; Rose Gold- JB0479-03; Black- JB0479-04 | MIX AND MINGLE charm bracelets: Silver- JB0478-01; Hematite- JB0478-02; Black/Grey- JB0478-03

Who doesn’t need another bag?!

We didn’t stop with metallic jewelry! The Suzie Metallic tote released in the fall catalog is a hit, and we knew we wanted to continue the trend. These Metallic Shopper Totes do just the trick! A perfect bag for work, errands or any reason you need to bring a lot of stuff along, because I promise it will fit! When you’re not using it, it folds up tiny and you can store it in your car or another bag in case you need it later. It’s amazing, right? Speaking of amazing, this tote is available in champagne, matte gold, black, pink and blue. The poll is still out on which we love most!

metallic jewelry featuring metallic totes

METALLIC SHOPPER TOTES | Champagne- EH0177-01; Matte Gold- EH0177-02; Black- EH0177-03; Pink- EH0177-04; Blue- EH0177-05

One thing that speaks volumes is even when you rock all of these pieces together, it’s the perfect amount of sparkle and subtle mixed together.
metallic jewelry- purse and bracelets

All in one! Both new bracelets and the black Metallic Shopper tote look stunning.

Shop Metallic Jewelry here!

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