We’re gearing up for the holiday that’s filled with sweets and treats, but instead of tricks we wanted to share some tips! Don’t worry about going door to door to figure them out, they’re right here for you! Monogram jewelry is easy to wear, and we’ll show you how!

Top Tips

Three is the magic number.

We like to layer in threes around here. Whether that’s with your bracelet stack or the number of necklaces, make the focus of your look a layer of three! And always add some monogram jewelry in there!

Monogram Jewelry Tips - wear three pieces together

When in doubt…. Go with three!

Choker or bracelet?

Do you have a favorite choker that you love but it doesn’t match the neckline of your new outfit, double it up around your wrist to add a fun new wrap bracelet. Step that arm party game up, girl!

Monogram Jewelry Tips - wear chokers as bracelets

Your favorite just became 2-in-1!

Speaking of arm parties”¦

Do you spend a lot of time in the mornings trying to figure out what bracelets to wear? We’re about to make that process easier for you! There are three types of bracelets to add to your arm party (We’re big fans of the number three if you haven’t guessed yet.) Ready for them? First, you want to include a monogrammed or personalized piece. We love using initial jewelry! The next layer is BLING. Throw some jewels in there, something to give it a little sparkle.   And finally, add another bracelet to add texture. These bracelets could be beaded, woven, suede and so on. Using three different styles helps pull the whole look together and it will definitely look good!

Monogram Jewelry Tips - arm party must haves

Easy as 1…2…3!

Silver is in!

Wear silver. It’s really that simple!! Our tip for this fall fashion trend is to pull the color in through your accessories. Whether that’s with the Suzie Metallic Tote or with your favorite silver jewelry, use your accessories to make a statement.

Monogram Jewelry Tips - silver accessories are in

Who doesn’t love to add a little sparkle to their style?

Mix your metals.

Silver and gold together are definitely a thing! Start with a statement  piece that has both finishes and then accessorize with each finish.  The key is to have a balance of both gold and silver so that it looks intentional.

Monogram Jewelry Tips - mix silver and gold for a trendy look

Mixing metals is the perfect excuse to wearing your favorite silver and gold pieces at the same time!!

Interested in hosting a jewelry party to show off your favorite monogram jewelry pieces? Host with us!

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