Fall called and it said SILVER is huge!! It’s definitely a trend, but what is more of a classic than your favorite silver pieces? (The answer is nothing.) So while most trends come and go, this color is here to stay and we think that’s a huge thing to take advantage of. In a head to head showdown, which would win as the most classic bracelet style: a simple cuff or a beaded bracelet? Does the the monogram initials make a difference? Let’s see!
Monogram Initials - monogram cuff versus beaded bracelet cuff
(Is this when we cue “œLet’s Get Ready to Rumble”?)
Let’s bring out the cuff first. The first impression is simple but the best kind of simple. One cool thing about the Hidden Message cuff is that you can choose a slim band or a wider one. It’s great to stack or can hold its own if it’s worn alone. The first thing you notice are the beautiful monogram initials on the outside of the band.
Something we can’t leave out is that this cuff has a bit of a secret weapon”¦ A hidden message on the inside! To make that even better, there are four different hidden messages to choose from. (Talk about special!!)

Monogram Initials - Hidden message bracelets

Serenity Prayer Hidden Message Cuff SP – JB0487 | Blessed Hidden Message Cuff SP – JB0489 | Be Still Hidden Message Cuff SP – JB0490 | Jeremiah 29:11 Hidden Message Cuff SP JB0488

Now, it’s time for the beaded bracelet to shine. (We mean that literally because it’s so shiny.) Now, technically this is a cuff too, but let’s just focus on the beads! Everyone has a preference for large or small beads, and that’s where the Beaded Beauty cuff comes in handy because you can take your pick! The size of the beads won’t affect the size of the bracelet either because it’s a one size fits all that allows you to shape the bracelet to fit your wrist! While this piece isn’t personalized with your monogram initials, it’s so stunning and the perfect way to take your arm party game to the next level.
Monogram Initials - Silver beaded bracelets

Large Beaded Beauty Cuff SP – JB0484 | Small Beaded Beauty Cuff SP – JB0483

Wow. This is a tough competition. Two very similar bracelets, but each unique”¦ Do you have a winner in mind? We do!
Monogram Initials - and the winner is...


Yep, you read that right. YOU are the real winner here because both bracelets are beautiful and like we mentioned before, they will never go out of style!!

Have a few jewelry showdowns at your next jewelry party! Host with us!

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