Thanksgiving is almost here, and it’s the perfect day to showcase your favorite fall outfits. Navy, dark brown, burnt orange, burgundy, these truly are the colors of the season. So let’s talk about the ways you can accessorize the fall colors we all love so much. It’s time for a fall fashion tip (or two… or five)!
We covered these fashion tips on this week’s Wear It Wednesday Facebook video. Check it out here!

Fall Fashion Tip #1

If you’re wearing neutrals or a plain color top, one of the best tips is to throw in a pop of another color. Statement necklaces are the best way to do this. Try a long necklace and layer with another favorite or one you can make double stranded. Just like the Changing Seasons necklace below, you can tell it adds exactly what your outfit needs. (Plus this necklace screams fall. Look at all of those colors!)

Fall Fashion Tip - wear a pop of color

(We love this look so much we made it the cover of our fall catalog!!)

Fall Fashion Tip #2

Another great statement necklace is the Fiesta Fringe necklace in Cosmic Blue. Now this is a show stopper!! It adds some great deep colors with the blue, brown and green plus texture and a whole lot of fun.

Fall Fashion Tip - add texture

Fun textures are always a plus!

Fall Fashion Tip #3

If keeping it simple is more of your style, no worries! Simple pendant necklaces are great for giving your look a little something extra. When it comes down to it, the hardest question to ask is what color? There are so many options!! Silver, gold, vintage metals and Ironworks like our Tip #3 picture.

Fall Fashion Tip - keep it simple

Simple pendant necklaces are key staples for your look!

Fall Fashion Tip #4

Now let’s say you’re wearing your favorite cream colored top, why not pull some patterns in with your jewelry? Necklaces and bracelets with prints are amazing. They bring your look to the next level with zero effort!

Fall Fashion Tip - accessorize with patterns

Whether a necklace or bracelet, pull in patterns with all your jewelry!

Fall Fashion Tip #5

Speaking of patterns, if you are wearing a bold pattern or print whether on a shirt or dress, you may be wondering the best accessories to wear. (You’re not alone! Sometimes making the call can be tough.) The best tip is to stick with the classics!! The right statement necklace would look great, but we suggest a nice silver or gold necklace. The Well Rounded necklace is an office favorite!

Fall Fashion Tip - classic is always good

You can never go wrong with the classics, silver and gold.

No matter what you decide to wear, we know you will be the best dressed person at your get together!!

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