What are the best gifts? You could easily say it depends on who you are buying for! One great thing that any gift could always use is a little personalization. (It also helps if it’s under $50 too, right?)
If you’re questioning what to get a few people on your list, scroll through and see a few of our suggestions!
For the Girl on the Go

We all know someone who loves the fast-paced life and is always on the go. Work, picking the kids up, running errands. Sounds like she could use something convenient! A wristlet is the answer. (Maybe there are more answers, but this is our favorite!) The best part about this Snakeskin Wristlet is that it instantly takes your outfit to the next level. But don’t worry if they (or you) like to rock a casual look most of the time, it’s still perfect with your favorite pair of yoga pants and pullover.
For the Family

Why do we keep using old beat up cutting boards, when these are an option?! With so many patterns, it’s easy to find one to match any kitchen.
Know someone who has the most beautiful kitchen but hasn’t turned the oven on in a year (We all know at least one…), this is perfect to display! And think about those new homeowners!
For the Guys

Weddings, church, work and fancy dinners all share something in common. The guys could use a tie, and not the one that has been in the top of the closet for years. Spoil them with something new, nice and sleek. They’ll be sure to get some compliments!
For Those Cozy Nights

A movie is playing, the popcorn just came out of the microwave and there’s a nice warm cup of hot chocolate ready. Now it’s time to snuggle up with a warm blanket. Well, this is the perfect blanket for that exact situation! Just take my word for it, an expert of soft, warm blankets.
For the Lady who Deserves Something Extra Special

We all have those meaningful women in our life, and most of the time those are the hardest gifts to find. The answer: Silver!
The Pearl’s Night Out necklace is the perfect mix of metal with a touch of pearl. The other idea is the Hidden Message cuff. This is a gift that gives double meaning. While it’s personalized on the outside, the inside of the bracelet features a beautiful phrase. There are four phrases to choose from, so you will be able to find one perfect for who you are gifting it to and it will go such a long way.
For the Trendy Chick

Our trendy girls know that metallics are in style, and it’s no different with the Suzie Metallic Tote. It’s a great size for whatever she has going on, work, errands, school. Have fun with it and play with the color of the monogram!

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