Can you believe we’re already over halfway through January? One question. Have you stuck with your resolution? (It’s okay to say no!)

If you have stopped or you never set your mind on one, we have an idea for you. It’s not a resolution. It’s not even a goal!

Start a new hobby.

Find something you love, learn about it and choose a way to indulge in it! Chances are if you’re on this site, you may love a thing or two about jewelry and accessories. Why not make that your new hobby!!

Of course, your hobby could be shopping”¦ But it could also be a hobby that helps you reap REAL benefits and rewards! Talk about a win, win.

If you haven’t caught the drift, joining Initial Outfitters as one of our Outfitters could open up a world of possibilities and FUN.

What all could you have in your leisure time? First off, loads of girl time! Get your friends together and make new ones as you help others host their girl nights.

Secondly, did someone say vacation? Sure did! Incentive trips are possible to earn, and they keep getting easier to earn. On the same note, who wouldn’t love a couple girls’ weekends throughout the year? Time to learn from your teams, tips and training from your peers and of course, always a good time.

If this is sounding good to you, what if you were able to make extra income while you had fun? Totally doable.

Did we mention you get to surround yourself with statement and fashion jewelry, handbags, gifts and more, all personalized!

If the word fun hasn’t been used enough, this job is FUN! Get your 2018 kicked off with an awesome treat for yourself!

Get started today!

Your new girl boss hobby is just a click away.

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