It’s no surprise that we love monograms around here, but ultimately we love that our jewelry and accessories can all be personalized! And that means more than just monograms!
There seems to be a holiday coming our way where personalized jewelry sure would make an impression on that special someone. (Pause: if you’re the special someone, go ahead and copy this link and send it to your guy! He’ll like the hint, you’ll love the gift.) Yepp, Valentine’s Day!! Since this is the holiday of love, let’s focus on all of those special moments and memories that connect you two.

Ways to Personalize

Anniversary Date

What’s more romantic than the date two are married on? When she wears the date around her neck, she’ll also have that special memory and bond close to her heart. Take the anniversary date up a notch and use Roman numerals for a classy spin! (Also men, you may impress her if you show that you actually remember the date 😉 )

The Bar Necklace and Journey Necklace are perfect for showing off that special date.  

A Special Place

A first date. The city you met. Your honeymoon destination. Every couple has a place that will always mean something to them. Use latitude and longitude to keep a warm reminder close.

Where is that special place for you?


We’ve always heard it. First comes love, then comes marriage”¦ What’s next? KIDS! Little humans running around that remind you of all love, all you’ve worked toward and through. There are so many ways to personalize your jewelry to reflect your children! Names, initials, birthdays.

So many ways to personalize for your children! The Journey necklaces comes in three metals. Also featuring the Joy in Your Story Bar necklace.

Phrases & Words

Some of our jewelry allows you to use more characters than most, which gives the perfect opportunity to showcase a favorite phrase special to your relationship. Vows, words of love, a Bible verse, a personal motto, a family phrase.
When you read the first sentence, one popped in your head almost immediately, didn’t it?

There’s something special about having a constant remind so close to your heart. A favorite – The Drop Me a Line necklace.


Of course there are other ways to personalize, but we couldn’t forget monograms! It’s beautiful and classy.

You can never go wrong with a monogram.

Find your favorite and grab a box of chocolate to make her Valentines this year! Shop Here!

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