We associate February with love, and that’s one of the best feelings. Loving your special someone, your gal pals and everyone who makes up your day-to-day life. There’s one person not to forget in the mix of things. YOURSELF!
Of course, that could mean to treat yourself 😉 but it can be as simple as encouraging and pushing yourself daily. Find something that you love and pursue it, and what better way to treat yourself than with a little added happiness.
It’s also a great feeling when you get all dressed up and love what you’re wearing! And that’s just how some of our favorite ladies are feeling about these pieces.

“What pieces are you absolutely loving right now?”

Alicia, Founder

“œI am currently loving loving loving the black duster necklace.   Since I wear black a lot more in the winter, it just pulls every outfit together in a really fun, cool way.   It can be girly or classic or boho depending on the outfit”¦and looks amazing with a sparkly silver arm party and a black leather cuff on the other arm.   (LOVE the Midnight Moon bracelet and sterling in arm parties with this necklace”¦) And, ever since we added new rings, I haven’t been able to take any of them off of my fingers.   I used to be a one ring per hand kind of girl, but I can’t choose. They look so good together and now I don’t have to choose”¦”

Beth, Co-Founder

“I LOVE a  great pair of earrings.   Silver or Gold, doesn’t matter just some that you can pop on and go. Another thing I don’t go anywhere without is my wristlet.   It has literally become my wallet.   I can carry all of the essentials in that one bag and be good to go.”

Jennifer, Customer Service Manager

“My favorite piece has to be the Rose Gold Journey Necklace. It’s the perfect length for any neckline and complements all kinds of outfits ““ t-shirt & jeans, cute sweater, dresses, you name it. I like to wear different metals in my jewelry, and the rose gold finish adds a great little pop of color!”
Now, which pieces are you loving?

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