Want to make more””a lot more? At Initial Outfitters we make a living that makes a difference. Just think what a difference an even bigger paycheck would make!

Thinking about our team leaders, those who like to sell, those who want to promote quickly, we decided that we wanted to make this an even more profitable full-time career or side gig for you!  We are EXCITED to introduce our new compensation plan.  We have designed it to make your business not only more financially rewarding, but also more flexible ““ to fit your busy lifestyle.  Check out these highlights!
Now, there are many, many ways to earn!

You can earn:

Direct Sales Compensation Plan Testimonial- Kelly

  • Up to $900 in FREE products during your first 100 days
  • Incentive trips (aka Dream Vacations) to places like Disney, all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and more for you and your family!
  • Personal sales commission up to 35%. You can earn up to 35% of the sales YOU make!
  • Consistency sales bonuses. We love to reward those who routinely work their business and consistently sell $500 each month”¦ And that can mean an extra 5% personal sales commission!
  • Power selling bonuses. If you have a strong month, you deserve to be celebrated with an extra bonus!
  • Enroller bonuses.  Earn more when you personally share Initial Outfitters.
  • Once in a Lifetime bonuses available at every leader title ““ up to $25,000. Not only do you get a new title, but you get a little extra cash in your pocket each time you get a promotion. When you do big things, you deserve big rewards!
  • Team Volume overrides several levels deep. We’re paying up to SIX levels deep now.
  • Bonuses on multiple generations. Your team’s success is a big part of your  business. Get paid for helping others reach their goals!

We made it easy for you!

Direct Sales Compensation Plan Testimonial- Amanda

  • Our new plan fits your lifestyle, with lower volume thresholds and multiple ways to achieve rank, our new plan is more flexible than ever!
  • You can sell when and where it’s convenient ““ at a traditional home party, online, person to person. We’ll leave it all up to you!
  • Focused path to top leadership ““ you + 3. Simply help three others on your team promote, and you will reach higher levels of leadership and income.
  • Incentives for others to sell and build are company sponsored. We take care of the incentives, so you can make more profits and focus on what you do best ““ building relationships!
  • Maintenance plan. We provide two ways to maintain your “˜Paid As’ title while you work on your next promotion.

People love it!

  • Personalization is a hot topic in gifts – and life – these days.
  • Our hostess plan is abundantly generous and company sponsored.
  • We release products regularly so there is always something new!
  • There is something for everyone and every style!

While everything is changing, there is something that has stayed the same.
We are a company with on-trend personalized products, exceptional training and support, exciting incentives, heartwarming ministry partnerships, and a new lucrative compensation plan.   But at the heart of it all, we are a company of women who make a living that makes a difference.   With this amazing new  plan, we are gearing up for growth and we would love nothing more than to welcome you with open arms. Join Us!!

View the Compensation Plan here.

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