How to Be Successful with Our Stay At Home Consultant Gig!

Would you say your goal is to stay at home with your children? Many women face a roadblock of how to provide for their family when they decide to leave the corporate world. (Let’s be honest, you may even wonder how you will find time to interact with people over 4 feet tall.) Fortunately, now it is easier than ever to have a stay at home job AND enjoy it! Take a look at five big reasons we think it’s worth it.

1. The help you need for a successful stay at home job is right at your fingertips.

Starting a strong side gig or stay at home business on your own would be hard, but our consultant support team is with you every step of the way.

Anyone running his or her own business will tell you it takes time and effort, but we promise to be there 100 percent of the time to make working from home as easy as possible. From consultant website assistance to full product knowledge, our wonderful consultant support team is educated and prepared to walk with you through the opportunities of staying at home or working part time. They can be reached every weekday by phone or email to assist with any area of your business including shopping, personalization, compensation and incentive questions.

Along with product and customer assistance, we built a team of experienced stay at home consultants to train you and make your new work from home business easy to run. Webinars, training videos, leadership calls and more are all part of a consultant’s Initial Outfitters experience. We want to do everything to ensure you can work your side business at the highest level.

You will be equipped with marketing resources such as images, flyers, videos and social media tips to help your online business. A mobile app experience is also available and encouraged. All business and training materials are right at your fingertips with our new Initial Outfitters app. To ensure success with the online portion of your business, consultants have a personal IO website that makes shopping even easier for your customers and party guests.

2. A new compensation plan makes it easier to earn more from home!

The best way to put it: We are paying more, so you can earn more with a new stay at home job.

We listened to our field and made progress to giving our best consultants more incentive to do better. How are we doing this? We are making it easier to promote by lowering requirements, extending the number of sponsorship levels one can receive compensation and bonuses for, introducing generational commissions, offering Once in a Lifetime bonuses up to $25,000, and more. If you think working from home and earning extra income sounds too good to be true, we are excited to say we made it happen. A flexible, side gig just got even better.

Our home business consultant Amanda is looking forward to earning more money with her online business with the new compensation plan.

“œI am very excited about the new comp plan! To me, two key elements include the ease in reaching new promotions and the new payout structure to encourage strong team depth and growth.” Amanda | College Station, Texas

Click to view our Direct Selling Compensation plan - perfect for stay at home moms, teachers, nurses and more.

3. Easy to Sell Products – Sell your home business products from anywhere (including your couch!)

We pride ourselves in offering a large product selection making it easy to shop for yourself or someone special.

According to Founder Alicia Storbeck, our newest line includes the best products we have ever released, and our goal is to continually grow the depth of our line. We are matching trends while holding on to what makes our products stand out, personalization. With a wide selection and unique gifts, we are aiming to make selling and working from home easier than ever. Beautiful products go hand-in-hand with our seasonal 96-page catalog that is full of high quality photos making it incredibly easy to shop.

There is truly something for everyone. We aim to make sure customers can find whatever they are looking for, whether that be a gift for a mom or dad, a graduation gift, a housewarming present and more. Aside from personalized gifts for others, women will be able to find fashionable jewelry and accessories, along with classic keepsakes.

New to the home party business, Tiffany used the flexible hours to earn more for her family.

“œI simply fell in love with the product line. I had never been in the direct sale business before but the products were awesome, and I needed the extra income. Nine years later, add a corporate full time job, a husband and two boys under 4… Here I am still loving, and succeeding, with Initial Outfitters.” Tiffany | Bluff City, Tennessee

Click to view our easy to shop catalog. Our catalog makes it easy to run an at home business successfully

4. Annual Meetings and Consultant Support.

We are there for you, and so are your fellow Outfitters.

Initial Outfitters has built a family of women – teachers, nurses, business women, stay at home moms and more – who empower and encourage each other daily. We offer virtual groups where our work from home consultants share sales tips, photos, online business tools and ideas. The culture is nurturing and supportive where Outfitters often develop lifelong friendships.

Our annual conferences are filled with training from other home business consultants, free products, a few surprises and all the girl time you can imagine. Weekends that are focused on building relationships with your team, the entire Initial Outfitters field and home office staff are scheduled throughout the year to help give you the motivation you need to get your work from home business to its full potential.

5. Working from home is FUN.

With rewards, incentives, frequent updates, and conferences, we guarantee a smile will be on your face when you see that your work from home business or side gig allows you so much more than just extra income.

We’re not saying it won’t take effort (although we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible). Doesn’t anything worth having take a little work? That’s what makes it valuable. As you see your business grow, it will be well worth it, and we like to celebrate that! In a busy mom life, it can seem like your hard work goes unnoticed. We want you to find your sense of recognition with us.

Looking outside of the rewards and incentives, the connections you make with customers and hosts become friendships, and parties become girls’ nights.

See what we mean when we say it’s fun?

Mom-of-two Wendy uses her stay at home job to work with other women and moms looking for a fun side gig like hers.
“œI was the mom dedicated to her children and their activities, like so many others, and they were getting older and I was feeling a “lull” in my life. IO gave me a way to be “me” again. I got the opportunity to do something fun, to get out of my house, to not have to deal with homework or dinner or high school drama! 😉 I’ve always been social but this led to so many more great friendships and fun!” Wendy | Montvale, Virginia

If you are thinking of finding a full-time stay at home job or want to make extra income on the side, getting started is simple.


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