When we started Initial Outfitters in 2006, I had no idea how passionate I would be about seeing others succeed. I knew that I wanted to make a difference and to give others a way to make a difference, but I had no concept of how that would become one of the driving principles of this company”¦ and how it would ultimately change me as a person, and change my life forever.

One of my absolute favorite parts of this business is this message that I believe with every fiber of my being. I”¦and you”¦can do all things! Yes, you can! I get to encourage you to dream big”¦ to believe that you can”¦ to go for it with everything you have!

Some of you have heard this story before, but I love it so I am going to tell it again.

I heard someone on Undercover Boss say, “œThis isn’t supposed to happen to me! I’m just a nobody girl from a nowhere town”¦ things like this don’t happen to me!” and I thought”¦ what does that have to do with anything?! Aren’t most of us nobody girls from nowhere towns? Isn’t that who makes up the world? But still, we have GREATNESS inside of us! There is NO LIMIT to what we can dream, do, or achieve if we believe and put more heart and more hustle into it.  Make a difference in your life - "Aren't most of us nobody girls from nowhere towns? Isn't that who makes up the world? But still, we have greatness inside of us!"

I grew up in Auburn, Alabama, but not the booming-college-town Auburn that you visit today. The Auburn I grew up in had three fast food restaurants. Stores downtown still closed every Wednesday afternoon. Absolutely nothing was open on Sundays. There were three grade schools, and my graduating class was less than 300 students. My daddy worked at Alabama Power Company, and my mom left school teaching when I was born and stayed home with me and my two sisters until I went to college.

I was a nobody girl from a nowhere town, for sure!

But I grew up with my parents instilling in me a strong worth ethic, faith, and sense of entrepreneurship. They also encouraged me to believe that I could do anything that I set my mind to. It actually was, and still is, a joke that you had better not tell me that I can’t because I will do everything in my power to prove to you that I can. Heaven help you if you take it further and tell me that I can’t because I’m a girl!  Stand back!

What matters”¦ what determines who becomes someone from somewhere”¦ is how big you are willing to allow yourself to dream, how committed you are to making it come true and how you want to make a difference! How much heart and how much hustle you are willing to devote to it. If you want big things to happen, you have to dream so big that it scares you to death, and then you have to be willing to take the first steps”¦ leave yourself no plan B”¦ and make it happen!

Make a difference by dreaming big and setting goals - "You can't listen to anyone who might say that you can't

You can’t listen to anyone who might say that you can’t”¦ you aren’t”¦ you don’t”¦ I am here to tell you that you CAN, you ARE, and you DO! I believe that you CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ who gives you strength! All around you – in your family, your life, your church, your community – there are people willing to provide you with that support and encouragement. Make the most of these relationships!!! They are priceless. We CAN do all things through Christ!

Now, let’s make a difference together. Let’s do big things!

Start by my side, reach out to see how we can conquer making a difference together – in your life, in my life and in those you interact with daily.

Alicia Storbeck - Making a difference one day at a time

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