Start Your Business in October for $25, and Give Personalized for Christmas this year…FREE*! Want to know more?

For just $25, you can be the boss of your own Initial Outfitters business-on-the-go today!

You will have:

  • The ability to place personal orders with a 20-35% discount
  • The opportunity to earn over $700 in FREE products before Christmas*
  • A way to earn extra cash – 20-35% of everything that you sell
  • A way to make a difference in the lives of impoverished children (Check out our IO Loves philanthropy!) — link IO Loves to —-
  • An opportunity to build your own confidence and feel good about something you are building
  • A personal website where friends can place orders
  • A virtual office where you can manage your business, learn the ins and outs of your new business, and keep up with all of your orders and contacts
  • An app where you can learn what you need to know while earning points and prizes

Here’s what you get in your Just the Basics kit!

Now is the best time to get started!

  • New catalog
  • Earn a trip to Las Vegas
  • Get your Christmas shopping done

Contact us for more info!

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