Do you have a dream? Is there something that you want to do “someday”?

Initial Outfitters started as a dream. One that came to life as we heard women around us wanting more – wanting to do something different, wanting to build something of their own that made a difference, wanting to start a business – that was fun, rewarding, and provided extra income for families. We saw the need and the desire, for something like Initial Outfitters… and we began to dream.

We thought about what it would be like to know our salesforce, to see your dreams come to life, to see you start a business and to see what incredible things you would do with your business, to vacation with you and meet you in person, to see an Initial Outfitters family grow, getting to know you and your families.

We thought about the product line. How much fun could we have putting together promotions and programs that you would enjoy working towards? (The answer… SO MUCH!)

We also thought about how we could make a difference in the world if we built a team that cared about many of the same things that we do.

And that was all before we ever decided to do it! We dreamed about Initial Outfitters until it had really come to life in our hearts. We just had to act!

For a while, after it had come to life in our hearts, we said over and over, “We are going to do it,” “When we start Initial Outfitters…”  “At Initial Outfitters, it will be…” We declared it was happening. Then, in January of 2006, we made the commitment – THIS is the year. We are LAUNCHING Initial Outfitters!

We finally began to start a business that let other motivated, intentional, incredible and inspiring women do the same easily.

Things starting moving, and we really started doing something about it. We pulled together a team to research the business model, software, product line, pricing, logo design, and more, and we started talking to people about joining us. In late September, our software was ready to go, we had the catalog and products in hand, a few people had started their own Initial Outfitters business, and our first party was scheduled to happen in Prattville, Alabama. So we loaded up my Pathfinder and off we went! Over $1000 later, we had finished the first Initial Outfitters party and we were off and running!

There is obviously a lot more to the story, but the point of the story is we dreamed, we declared, and we decided to do something. That’s what it took to start this business, and that’s what it will take to make your dreams come true.

Starting a business sounds scary – how am I going to do this or that, I can’t possibly go out of my comfort zone, I could use the extra income but I couldn’t succeed at that. We’re here to say no to all the above with you, and we’re here to hear your dream and help you chase it!

But first, you have to be willing to dream. You have to be brave enough to declare it. That’s when other people not only hold you accountable but they also let you know how they can help you! And you have to decide to DO something to make it happen.

What are you ready to declare and do?


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