Would $500 Change Your Christmas?

The #1 way to make running your business easier and more financially rewarding…is to be consistent in your monthly commitment to it! A consistent social selling business stands out from just a social selling business.

Sounds crazy, right?  Give me to the end of this blog post and I hope to explain it in terms that are clear.

First the concept.  It’s far easier for a car…a train…a bicycle…to keep on moving than it is for it to get started.  Right?  Let’s face it.  It’s far easier for my body to keep on moving than it is for it to get out of a chair I have been sitting in for a while!

The same is true with your business.  If you keep hosted activities on your calendar where you will be face to face with your customers, it will be far easier to book more activities while you are in the midst of the excitement and peer encouragement of those situations than it would be to start from scratch making cold calls.  That is the truth.

How can we show that a consistent social selling business is worth it? The numbers!

This is where it gets good!  If making your social selling business easier isn’t enough to convince you to be consistent, maybe $$ will be!

Let’s say that you float around the $600-$800 sales range each month.  One month you do $750, the next $600, the next $750.  You would earn $525 in personal sales commissions over those 3 months as an Outfitter making 25%.  That’s an average of $175/month.

Without keeping your social selling business consistent, monthly earnings will be lower.

Now let’s say that you, for the first time ever, sold $750 each of those 3 months.  That means that in the 3rd month, you receive the 5% bonus for consistency!  You would earn $600 in personal sales commissions over those 3 months!  That’s a bonus of $75!  An average of $200/month. That small stride toward making your social selling gig consistent just helped you earn more. It’s a simple as that!! But would you believe that if you keep that business consistency up, it would get better?

If you hit $750 three months in a row, you will earn our social selling consistency bonus.

Now let’s say that you keep on doing that…$750/month over and over again.  So now we will look at a 3 month period where you sold $750/month during each month, and receive the 5% consistency bonus each month.  You would earn $675!  An average of $225/month.A consistent social selling business is key to earning more each month

Do you see that just by having a consistent social selling business at the minimum level gets a bonus, you have given yourself a raise of about $50/month…and for VERY LITTLE extra work?  Just a focus on consistency.

$50 Extra Dollars Every Month!  Just for being consistent at a very achievable level!

That’s about 10-15 orders.  Can you do that?  Will you do that?

Now let’s look at something else.  How would you like a promotion?!

Let’s say that you are personally earning that consistency bonus each month – selling $750, and you find someone else who could use an extra $225/month.  She joins your team and does exactly what you are doing.  $750/month.

You just promoted to STAR Outfitter! One of the benefits of being consistent is promoting to new titles!

Now you are earning just over $255/month!  AND you are having more fun because you have someone to share it with!

Let’s say you find someone else who could use an extra $225/month.  She joins your team too and does exactly what you are doing.  $750/month.  You are only $250/month from promoting to Senior Outfitter!  Surely between the three of you that can be done!

So not only do you earn by keeping your sales consistent, your social selling business will soar as you invite other motivated people along for the ride!
And these Once In A Lifetime bonuses you see in these pics…….those will be available too…but that’s another blog.
Earn Once in a Lifetime bonuses with promotions

As a Senior Outfitter, you will earn about $300/month as I have described your team’s activity here!

So the question is…would you rather earn $175/month or $300/month?

Do you know two people who could use an extra $400-$500 before Christmas?

Have you told them that for $25, they could join IO and earn that by doing 1-2 parties each month?

  • They can host their own launch party and get all of the hostess rewards?
  • They will earn Super Start credits that can be used for Christmas gifts?
  • AND that when they sell their first $1000 by Thanksgiving they get the bonus gift worth about $140 (Merry Christmas to them!)?

All of that for $25.

I challenge every single one of you to promote to Senior Outfitter in November.  You have the $25 kit and bonus gifts to offer until October 31.  It will never be easier to promote than it is right now!  What are you waiting for?!  Let’s do this!

Go right now and sign people up. Not currently an Outfitter but want to get a jumpstart on your business? Get more details here!

Carol will post next with ideas on how to help them get started and ensure that they get to $1000 in sales by Thanksgiving!

Ready, set, GO!!!

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