How many of you out there have made a “New Year’s Resolution”? The better question….how many of you have your resolution for 2019 ready to roll?

Let’s face it, we all have made them. It’s pretty much a routine, right? We have them written down and we share them with each other, all over social media and we keep them visible… at least for a little while.

Statistics show that about 40% of us stick to our resolutions for at least 6 months. That is much higher than I thought it would be based on my own history of making them. I would say, on average, I will stick to mine for about 2 months, max. I am ashamed to admit that, but it’s the truth.

With that said, why not try thinking a bit differently this year. Maybe it’s not a routine resolution. Maybe this year I don’t say: “I am going to lose 10-15 pounds” or “I am going to save more money” or “I am hitting the gym every single day.”

Thinking this way could keep me more accountable for the resolution or goal I set for myself in 2019. It could relate to my personal, spiritual, AND business life.

Think about it…

If my goal is to lose weight in 2019 it would sound more like this:

  1. I am going to eat healthier to feel more alive, and my clothes will fit better.
  2. To do this, I will need to plan my meals, go to the gym each morning and choose an accountability partner.
  3. Because I will feel better and have more energy, I will be able to spend more time doing things I enjoy without being exhausted.

If in business, YOUR goal is to make more income with IO, it may sound more like this:

  1. I am going to HOLD ___ events each month to sell, book and sponsor. This will enable me to meet more potential future hosts, customers and consultants.
  2. To make this happen, I will need to make connections each day in person, online, and via text/phone. The more people I reach out to, the better chance I have to fill my calendar.
  3. Because I will have a full calendar, I will not panic about the upcoming months or not meeting my goal. I will make more income through selling and sponsoring. I will feel inspired and fulfilled by sharing the gift of IO with more people on a daily basis.

These are just simple examples of how changing your mindset and getting out of the routine of the same old resolution could work for all of us.

You should take some time and think about what your plan of action is for 2019. Once you do, share with your upline, family, and friends!

It’s a liberating feeling to meet a goal, isn’t it? And how great would it feel to have a plan to do it before you even set it?

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year and hoping that you are heading into 2019 with a desire for MORE…

With Love,

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