2019…can you believe it? It’s almost here! Do you dream of what it will look like for you? I confess, I do. I love a new year! It’s a fresh start. A clean slate. A do-over! That’s appealing to me! Mistakes I made…I can leave them behind. Dreams? I can dream them again!

So, what do you dream of in 2019? More income? Saving enough money for a vacation? A new title at Initial Outfitters? Bringing on some new ladies who are as excited about 2019 as you?  I think all of those sound exciting!

If you sit still for a minute, what is it that would be a dream come true for you?

Here are some questions to think about when setting new goals for your Initial Outfitters business:

  1. I would like to personally sell each month:
  2. I would like to personally sponsor each month:
  3. I would like my team size to be:
  4. I would like to purchase this with my IO earnings:
  5. I would like to earn this much each month with my IO business:
  6. I would like to pay off this bill with my IO earnings:
  7. I would like to have this amount in my savings with my IO earnings:
  8. I would like to surprise my family with this from my IO earnings:
  9. I would like to do this for myself with my IO earnings:
  10. I would like to improve this skill with my IO business:

I want to encourage you to write down your goals today! In the book “Dare to Dream and Work to Win,” author Tom Barrett says this about goals, “When you write down your goals, your brain gets busy achieving them.”

I’d like to encourage you to do just that! Write them down so your brain can get busy making these things happen in 2019! It starts here! It starts now! It starts with you!

I taped three very short videos about goal setting, and I want to encourage you to listen to them this week. You will find them in the App resources, and they are called “AAA Goal Setting.” As you watch, write down your thoughts and dreams for your IO business in 2019! Then post them on your desk, your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator! Somewhere you will see them every day, and you will remember what you are working toward. Then, your brain can get busy achieving them…starting today!

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