As spring approaches, we are so excited to show you how to style Spring 2019 top colors that you will see EVERYWHERE this season. We picked five of our favorite Spring 2019 Pantone colors and are showing you how to accessorize those colors. Get ready for BRIGHT & BOLD!!

One rule with colors: Whatever your accent color is, you should wear that in THREE places. It could be your shirt, shoes, jewelry, coat, etc. You get the point! Three allows you to draw attention to the color, but it evens out the look! (One of Alicia’s favorite style tips!!)

Styling Spring 2019 Top Colors including Living Coral, the color of the year!

First up, the color of the YEAR!! Living Coral is the perfect color to wear. Depending on the tone, it’ll give you a big POP or you can bring it into your look a little more subtly. We say go big which means when it comes to the accessories you wear, keep it classic and simple. Your favorite gold or silver pieces will be a great addition to your outfit.

Our necklace of choice here is the gold Round of Applause necklace. Other Living Coral jewelry includes the As Dreamers Do necklace, the neutral Going Coastal monogrammed bracelet and the Blush Truly, Madly, Deeply bracelet set.

Styling Spring 2019 Top Colors including Princess Blue, the 2019 spin on your favorite royal blue.

Who doesn’t love a classic royal blue color? It’s a great way to add color but still simple if you prefer that route. Along with jewelry, another great way to pull in different tones is with your monogrammed handbags, or in this case a personalized cell phone sling. Cell phone slings are perfect for gamedays, the grocery store, the gym and any mom-on-the-go type trip. Easy, convenient & so trendy!

Looking for jewelry to go with your Princess Blue? Try our Spring Fling necklace. The jewels will pull the blue right out of your shirt! You could also accent it with our Seaside Escape Shell necklace.

Styling Spring 2019 Top Colors including Aspen Gold

You might be a little scared of yellow, but don’t shy away from it! Doesn’t it just scream spring and summer? Aspen Gold is a great accent to other colors, not just your go-to neutrals. The Carnival Canary Bead earrings not only fit the season’s color trend, but it also introduces you to another fashion trend… BIG earrings!

Styling Spring 2019 Top Colors including Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss is intriguing as a spring color, isn’t it? We love that it is included though! Because it is a darker accent color, you still add some spark but it keeps the tones neutral. As you can see here, we think silver monogram jewelry is the way to go with this dark green!! Just look at the jewelry pop!

Along with the Nothing to Lose bracelet set and Slay All Day bracelet, we love the Take a Glisten necklace. Looking for accessories in green? Try our Olive Truly, Madly, Deeply bracelet set.

Styling Spring 2019 Top Colors including Fiesta

Helloooo Fiesta! This one is FUN! This is a color we think you should be daring with when it comes to accessories, like rocking the Bougainvillea earrings or the Argentine Tango Red earrings! For a more toned down version of Fiesta, our coral Fan Favorite necklace gives you the color and the fun fringe. It’s a win-win!

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