What are the top Spring jewelry trends this year? Take a look at five of the biggest trends we’re noticing (and we guarantee you’ve seen them too)!
Number one top spring jewelry trend is acrylic jewelry
Acrylic and colorful jewelry is everywhere this season. Whether in department stores or boutiques, you will see these bold pieces. The best part about our acrylic collection is this monogram jewelry is personalized just for you. Number two top spring jewelry trend is a new take on classic hoop earringsThe next top spring jewelry trend is a new spin on the classic hoop earring. You will see more of the half circles as well as teardrop-shaped earrings. Another thing to notice… more acrylic!
Number three top spring jewelry trend is leatherette cutout earrings
Number three is another style of earrings because earrings are the top accessory this spring. And not just any earrings, big and bold earrings! The lightweight leatherette cutout earrings were a quick best seller with the release of our newest catalog. They are available in three colors, blush, silver and taupe.
Number four top spring jewelry trend is shell monogram necklaces
Number four is one of our absolute favorites! With the shell jewelry in silver and gold, this new style takes your classic monogram jewelry to a new level. The shell accent is beautiful and is the perfect accessory for the spring and summer seasons.
Number four top spring jewelry trend is bold statement hoop earrings
More earrings? You bet! Number five jewelry trend this spring is all about big hoops and flowers. Just take a peek below at some of our bold earrings. These bright colors are so in style right now. Dare to have some fun with them. Once you wear them one time, you won’t be able to take them off!
Be bold with your earring choice, you know you want to
What do you think about these top spring jewelry trends? Know of any we missed? Let us know! Find us on Facebook and Instagram and let’s talk fashion!
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